Best Swimwear for Active Kids

Best Swimwear for Active Kids

Spring is almost here, and before you know it, summer weather will be around the corner to greet us all. So you know what that means, right? Yep, now is a great time to start prepping for a fun and busy summer with your kids. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, your kids have grown since last year, and no doubt will need new swimming clothing and essentials. To help you create your must-have bathing suit list, we’ve done our research and found our best swimwear for active kids that’ll have the whole family excited for water-time adventures and plenty of warm-weather fun.

For Active Boys

Boys’ swimming trunks are the most common swimwear for active boys who love to push the limits of their athletic ability. These types of swimwear are mostly made from lightweight, fast-drying materials, usually polyester and nylon. Additionally, swim trunks are generally water repellent and chlorine resistant and include a fitted lining within the shorts to ensure comfort.

Another water-time favorite is boy’s board shorts, which are a more extended version of typical swim trunks. These types of shorts were designed for those who love to surf or participate in another active water activity. Board shorts include a drawstring waist and are usually lightweight, quick-drying, durable, and crafted from polyester and nylon fabrics. These shorts are ideal for surfing but can also serve as swimming trunks or regular land shorts.

When water activities are on the agenda, make sure he’s covered with a boys’ rash guard. Rash guards come in short or long sleeves and generally have a looser fit. Additionally, they block 98% of UV rays to combat sunburn and can withstand long-term chlorine exposure.

The mentioned styles are available in various colors and patterns for your little water lover, including solids like black, gray, and navy blue, to fun, colorful designs.

For Active Girls

No matter if your daughter enjoys swimming just for fun, hanging out in the pool, or is the star of her swim team, she needs a swimming suit to handle her activity level. One option is a fun and sporty one-piece girls’ bathing suit that is an absolute must for those sun-loving girls and moms who desire a modest yet fun look. One-piece suits come in various sizes, patterns, and colors and a wide range of motion, especially for girls on the go.

Consider adding fun swim shorts to her water-time activities wardrobe or a long-sleeve rash guard if she enjoys being outside all day. These swimsuits are timeless classics and offer so many colors and patterns to choose from. These swimsuit options are perfect for any outdoor occasion.

A girls’ rash guard set has ultra-fun water essentials that come in short or long sleeves and have a looser fit. They are usually worn by individuals who participate in active watersports like paddleboarding, kayaking, and surfing. Rash guards contain UV-protective fabric to combat harsh rays from the sun.

Next time you pack up the kids for the beach, don’t forget their beach cover-ups. As the name suggests, cover-ups serve as an extension of your active swimmer’s outfit when they are on land. This soft and stretchy material is made with a UPF 50 finish and moisture-wicking fabric after your kiddos take a break from the water.

Don’t Forget the Tweens

Girls who are between the ages of 8 and 12 years old are not little girls anymore, but they’re also not quite teenagers. Finding swimwear for this age group can be challenging. A great compromise is the fun and appropriate tankini swimsuits. These suits are ideal for the tween-stage as it delivers on the style that she’ll love with the coverage that mom will appreciate.

Let’s Talk Measurements

Your kids are growing like weeds. When you’re selecting swimwear, be sure to have accurate measurements. If you are an early shopper and expect them to grow before they have time to step foot on a beach or inside of a pool, you might want to go up a size to ensure a quality fit and look. They can’t enjoy their time if they have to constantly readjust their clothing. Once, you’ve finished taking measurements, it’s time to select swimwear that meets your measurement requirements and matches your little ones’ style.

Final Note

Warm-weather adventures are essential for active boys and girls. Make it your mission to find swimwear that is both comfortable and, of course, fun. It’s also necessary that their swimsuit fits correctly to avoid garments being too tight, which could cause significant irritation, or too loose, which can be distracting for little ones who want to run, jump, and be happy. Now that you’re equipped to select the perfect swimwear outfit for the active boy or girl in your life, it’s time to have fun in the water. Don’t forget your favorite beach towel, sunhat, and—of course—that much-needed sunscreen.


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