Best Swimwear Accessories

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit: Cover-Ups, Sunglasses, and More

The right accessories can turn basic swimsuits into a fun, coordinated outfit. When styling your swimsuit, you can keep it sleek and basic or fully layer up for a day in the sun. Swim gear combines style with function, from rash guards that protect you from the elements to trendy, roomy totes to store your beach towels.

With so many fun, stylish swimsuit options available, you need accessories that can keep up. Here are a few timeless favorites to help you level up your swimsuit for your next day out on the water:


A cover-up can completely change the look of your poolside ensemble. It makes an immediate statement and sets the tone for your outfit’s overall aesthetic. Dress-style cover-ups come in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight, breezy cotton dresses to flowing maxi dresses. V-neck or tunic style dresses can give a flash of your swim top or one piece while still offering you to lounge in outside of the water.

To show off your suit even more, look for a sheer or mesh cover-up that gives a fun peekaboo while still offering extra coverage. You can also opt for a wrap skirt or a pair of swimsuit shorts to make your suit a bit more wearable whenever you hop out of the water. Breathable cotton pants can make it easy for you to transition from splashing in the water to running errands–all while looking sleek and put-together. Pick a pattern that complements your swimsuit for a matching set, or completely change your aesthetic with a bold, contrasting print.


You can wear sunglasses both in and out of the water, making them the perfect swim accessory. Sunglasses add flair to your outfit while giving you extra protection from the sun. A bold cat-eye frame can exude artsy, maximalist energy, while sleek wire frames are perfect for a feminine, vintage style. From sporty to glamorous, there are sunglasses for every style. You can even pick from a rainbow of shades for your lenses, letting you coordinate your swim apparel from head to toe.


A sun hat is a must for days by the water, shielding your face and shoulders from the sun. Sun hats add a bohemian, beachy touch to your swimsuit, and you can easily toss them on or take them off as the day goes on. Wide-brimmed straw hats are a classic, but a bucket hat, a ball cap, or a visor can add a sporty style to your look. You can even find water-resistant hats specifically designed for getting wet as you splash around in the pool.

Summer hats come in all colors, from coastal blue and white stripes to vibrant neons and floral patterns. Tying a scarf or a ribbon around the crown further elevates your look with a chic flash of personality.

Beach Bags

Just like a purse can be the perfect finishing touch for your outfit, your beach bag can be just the stylish accessory you need to accent your swimwear. You already need something to store your sunscreen and swim accessories, so it may as well add to your outfit. Pick a canvas tote with a phrase or design for a fun option that expresses your personality. Woven baskets are another popular, trendy pick that exudes summery, earthy energy.

Large totes that you can sling over your shoulder are a popular, functional pick, but you can also go for a small cross-body or drawstring bag for your essentials. A minimalist mesh bag can make it easy to find your essentials, but you can also find a cute tote with hidden zippers and pockets to keep your belongings extra secure.


Beach shoes should emphasize practicality, but they can still add plenty of style to your look. Flip flops and women's sandals are easy to slide on and off as you move in and out of the water, but they still come in plenty of attractive styles. Pick a sandal with a bold print that matches your swimsuit or even embellishments like beading or woven details. Wearing high-performance water shoes can add an athletic, adventurous touch to your ensemble.


Just because you’re going for a swim doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite jewelry. As long as it fastens securely and is water-resistant, a necklace, bracelet, or even a pair of earrings can add a bit of glam to your poolside look. Basic hoops and stud earrings add elegance and femininity to your swimsuit. Pearls and shells create a beachy, tropical vibe when paired with any summer outfit. Simple pendant necklaces are an ideal complement for bandeau-style or strapless swimsuits, allowing you to showcase your neck and collar bones.

You have endless possibilities when it comes to styling your swimwear–changing your jewelry, cover-up and even your bag can create tons of different looks. By picking accessories that you can mix and match, you can truly get the most out of your swimsuits.


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