Best Swimsuits for Kids

Best Swimsuits for Kids

Having fun in the water is one of the most cherished childhood memories. Give your children the gift of stress-free fun when you buy them stylish and durable swimsuits that can last throughout the season. By stocking up on timeless, high-quality styles that are easy to wear, your kids can have maximum independence in age-appropriate fashions. Easy to put on and pack, the best swimsuits for kids are built for sandy days at the beach, the intense summer sun, and chlorine from swimming pools. Pick the suits that you know are going to stand up to the challenge of nonstop play.

Sun Protection Is Key

Parents know that constant exposure to UV rays increases the risk of skin conditions like sunburns and melanoma. However, it can also be difficult to catch an energetic child to reapply sunscreen according to the product recommendations. This is why rash guards provide that extra peace of mind that parents appreciate during long beach days.

Rash guards go well with girls two-piece sets, one-pieces, or boys’ swim trunks. A rash guard is made of UV-blocking fabric that can keep sensitive skin away from direct sun exposure, even when there is a lapse in sunscreen application. This material also is chlorine-resistant, dries quickly, and comes in fun designs that your children will love. For the highest protection, look for UPF 50 blocking fabrics.

Girls’ One-Pieces

A fully lined girls’ one-piece swimsuit is a top pick among kids and parents. Simple to put on and easy to wear, one-pieces allow fuss-free play without complicated strap designs or frills. This age-appropriate swimwear is modest and offers more coverage from the sun compared to a two-piece. Your girls will have the most comfortable time at the pool in a one-piece with quick-drying fabric that promises a secure feeling all day. For the highest comfort, get a one-piece swimsuit with a tugless fit bottom so there will be no need to adjust the fit throughout the day. If your girl is looking for some extra style accents, look for one-piece variations that have ruffles, block color patterns, one-shoulder straps, or an attached skirt.

Boys’ Swim Trunks

Swimsuits for boys stay pretty simple throughout their life. You can count on your boy’s staple swimsuit to be a pair of dependable trunks from boyhood to when he goes off into the big world. If you’d like to give your little guy extra sun protection on top, have him wear a short or long-sleeve rash guard or T-shirt while at play. A good pair of swim trunks should be designed to fit securely with an elastic waistband and functional drawstring for a custom fit.

For the best sun protection, look for trunks with the highest possible sun protection rating of UPF 50, which blocks 98% of all UV rays. This quick-drying material will dry in no time during swim breaks and games of frisbee under the sun. Swim trunks come in different lengths to meet the stylistic tastes of the guys in your life. Whether he wants something that falls just above the knee or mid-thigh, there are plenty of styles, colors, and lengths to explore.

Kids’ Coverups

If your girl doesn’t have a rash guard but would like some sun protection and extra coverage while taking a swim break, then get a few girls’ coverups for her. A terrycloth coverup dress is made out of a quick-drying, towel material that absorbs excess water and helps her warm up while snacking or resting in the sun. It’s also an excellent “wind-down” piece that helps her dry off without a towel. The pullover style is easy to put on — no complicated wrapping required! If the coverup has a hood, then your girl can also get a head start on drying her hair, which is especially great if the sun is setting and there is a slight hint of chilly winds.

Both boys and girls will love having a UPF hoodie to take them from the water to the next thing in a flash. Get one made out of a soft and stretchy sun protective material that wicks away moisture to keep them comfortable and dry. This coverup can make it easy for your kids to hop out of the pool and join the family for some pizza inside without needing a towel or outfit change. It is also versatile and can be worn as a regular casual piece any day of the week.

These swimsuit styles and coverups are sure to keep your children dry, comfortable, and happy by the pool and sea all summer long.


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