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Best Swimsuits to Buy for Your First Triathlon

First, congratulations on deciding to complete your first triathlon! This is no easy feat, and races like these require both mental and physical strength to compete. Between swimming, running and biking, you’ve endured months of long training sessions that test your strength and mental capacity. One of the most worrisome parts of preparing for a triathlon is figuring out the perfect outfits to wear for each extreme portion of the race.

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimwear for the swimming portion of your triathlon, you’ll want to consider coverage, flexibility and, most importantly, confidence. When you’re speeding through the water, chances are you don’t want to be worried about a wardrobe malfunction of tops or bottoms that won’t stay in place, so you’ll want a more modest swimsuit. Additionally, with cold temperatures and exposure to the sun, you may want to consider a swimsuit that covers your top half also, like a women’s rash guard. Nothing slows you down like being worried about your wardrobe. With these swimwear picks for your first triathlon, you should be speeding through the finish line.

Women’s Swim Shorts

Women’s swim shorts are a great option for transitioning from your running or biking section to the swimming portion of your triathlon. Doubling as swim bottoms, women’s swim shorts can be worn over bikini bottoms or alone as most feature an attached panty and offer full coverage for your most athletic moments. Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, these shorts dry quickly and are designed to go from the ocean to land easily, fitting like a traditional running short. Choose from all different colors and coordinate your swim shorts with your favorite swimsuit for a put-together look. Women’s swim shorts come in all lengths ranging from three inches to five inches, to even leggings fixed with skirts that can be worn in the water. Better yet, they are designed with women’s bodies in mind and have features like elastic waists and tummy control. Women’s swim shorts are perfect for taking a dip and then taking on your next adventure in a hurry, with very little fuss and optimum confidence.

Modest Swimwear

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimsuit for your first triathlon, you’ll want to avoid anything that’s too strappy or too small and revealing, instead, you should look for something with maximum coverage like a one-piece swimsuit with minimal cutouts, tankini or high-waist bikini bottoms. Less worrisome skin showing allows you to hit the water at maximum speed, without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction, so you can focus entirely on your swim and race. Skip the bikini for this athletic event and instead opt for modest swimwear like tankinis or one-pieces. Modest swimwear can still be very attractive with bright colors, patterns and coordinating sets. Once more, much of this swimwear has complimentary design features like high waists and tummy control, meaning you will feel your most confident when wearing it. Additionally, you can always pair your one-piece swimsuit or modest swimwear with coordinating swim shorts for a triathlon outfit that is still polished and well thought out, while also being athletic and appropriate.

Women’s Rash Guards

Rash guards women are the one clothing item you think you can live without, but they are true lifesavers come competition time. While you are outside for hours in the sun, you can avoid extra exposure with a rash guard that protects from all the elements–the sun, the wind, the water. Rash guards are fitted and offer a layer of protection when worn with shorts or a swimsuit. Available in different colors, styles and designs, you can simply throw a full-coverage rash guard on over your one-piece and take off with very little worry about wardrobe malfunctions or sunburn.

Shaping Swimwear

Look your best during photographs at your event as you dive into the water in style with shaping swimwear. Often modest, with full coverage that hugs your body in all the right places, shaping swimwear is a great way for you to stay secure even while being athletic. Many of these one-piece swimsuits are made from chlorine-resistant fabric, so they do not lose their color or vibrancy, and with features like tummy control and surplice wraps, they will give you the best shape when completing your race. A lot of this shaping swimwear comes with attached skirts or shorts that also complement the conservative element needed for a triathlon, so you can feel entirely confident at all phases of the race. Simply add on a sun protection rash guard for extra coverage.

With these swimwear options, you will be ready to race your first triathlon in style!


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