Best Swimsuits for Water Activities

Best Swimsuits for Water Activities

Swim season is finally here. That means you’ll be doing anything and everything, from diving into the deep end to snorkeling with the fishes in the deep-blue ocean. Or maybe you’ll be lying on the beach and reading that next hot mystery thriller. No matter how you choose to spend your summer, you’ll want a swimsuit that matches whatever activity you’re doing.

From practical rash guards to trendy tankinis, here’s our handy list of the best swimsuits for water activities.

Tankini Tops

Tankini tops are a great swimwear option for those who want more coverage during various water activities. When you don’t want to wear a one-piece, and you don’t want a more revealing bikini top, a tankini acts as the proverbial happy medium between these swimsuit options. There are plenty of different tankini tops to choose from, including ones with underwire support and fashionable asymmetrical ones. Some tankinis are long enough to make your swimsuit look like a one-piece yet offer the flexibility of a two-piece. Others are shorter so that your midriff does peek out just a little bit.

Bikini Tops

If you’re going to be out in the sun and want to avoid any awkward swim dress or rash guard tans, opt for a bikini top. When styling a bikini top, you can play around with different colors and textures for the top and bottom. Try pairing striped swim shorts with a solid-color bikini top. For an everyday swimwear look, you can wear stacked jewelry, high-waisted jeans, and a fitted blazer with a black bikini top. You can always wear your bikini top and bottoms underneath a wet suit for a sleek and sporty water activity outfit.

One-Piece Swimsuits

For that classic beach or poolside look, you’ll want a one-piece swimsuit. It’s the quintessential swimwear for swimming. To figure out which swimsuit best suits your mood and the different activities you’ll be doing this season, get a few one-piece swimsuits in different styles, colors, and even sizes. If you don’t want the swimsuit to be too tight, or you want a little more wiggle room when you’re being active, don’t be afraid to go up a size. When you’re not swimming in the ocean, these swimsuits are meant for accessorizing. Pair a bold bathing suit with tailored trousers in a neutral tan color to make your swimsuit look become a statement piece.


Beach cover-ups can be worn between different activities. Let’s say you finished swimming and want to grab a bite to eat before you go surfing. You’ll want a cover-up to wear to protect your body from the sun and heat rash in between snorkeling and wakeboarding. Cover-ups act as spring and summer essentials whenever you’re out in the sun. Style them as you would any other resort wear in your wardrobe.

Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are a great option for coverage when you want the look of a cover-up but can actually go swimming in it. A swim dress is also an elegant option if you’re doing more laid-back water activities like boating or sailing. When you’re not in the water, you can pair your swim dress with thigh-high boots and a wide-brimmed hat. Layer up with a cardigan sweater or dinner scarf.

Swim Skirts

If you want to wear a two-piece but need something with more coverage than a bikini bottom, opt for a swim skirt. A swim skirt is a great swimwear option for activities like sailing and surfboard yoga. You’ll look great and feel even better when you’re rocking your swim skirt. Dress up your swimwear look by wearing a swim skirt with a sparkly bikini or tankini top. Try layering different fabrics and colors, such as a linen top over your two-piece.

Rash Guards

If you’re spending the day in the sun doing water activities like kayaking or paddle boarding, you’ll want rash guards. A rash guard, also known as a swim shirt, offers more coverage than the traditional swimsuit. It’s also the ideal swimwear option for more rigorous athletic activities. You’ll have extra protection from the sun and from your skin getting chafed. You’ll usually find rash guards with three-quarter or full-length arm sleeves. If you want full torso protection without long sleeves, opt for a swim shirt with short sleeves.

Board Shorts

Channel your inner surfer and rock a pair of board shorts. Style them as you would any pair of everyday shorts or leggings. If you plan on going into the depths of the ocean, you’ll want longer pants or swim leggings to give yourself more coverage. That way, you’ll be protected from the elements like coral and scaly fish. If it’s a hot day and you are planning to hang out at the pool instead, opt for swim shorts or board shorts.

Swim Trunks

Don’t forget about him! Get him some comfortable and trendy swim trunks. Our men’s swim trunks are versatile enough to work for a wide variety of activities from snorkeling to canoeing. When selecting swim trunks for him, consider material, design, and different sizes depending on the activity. We had a wide variety of swim trunks to choose from, whether he’ll be napping on the sand or body surfing.

These are just some ideas of what kind of swimsuits to wear this summer. Wear plenty of sunscreen, and don’t forget to wear hats to keep your hair and face out of the sun for too long. Have fun this summer, and stay safe!


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