Best Swimsuits for Beach Sports

Best Swimsuits for Beach Sports

Ah… don’t you just love beach sports? Whether you are in the middle of things or cheering on the crew, you just can’t beat the sun, sand, and surf for fun. Let’s look at some of the best swimsuits for beach sports.

One-Piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit has distinct advantages over its two-piece cousins when it comes to beach sports. One-piece swimsuits that fit properly stay in place easily while giving you a bit more sun protection. Whether you’re springing up or diving down to hit the ball, you know your suit will stay put.

For a sophisticated look, consider a black one-piece swimsuit. This can do double duty by working hard as an athletic swimsuit and also just a great-looking suit to which you can add a maxi skirt or sarong to take you out to lunch or dinner.

One-Piece Plus Shorts

For more active beach sports (or just for more comfort), consider topping off your one-piece swimsuit with a pair of women’s swim shorts. These beach wardrobe staples are designed to give you the coverage you crave while being lightweight and super quick to dry. They are the perfect complement to the most active beach sports.


Tankinis are just a wonderful step forward in swimwear. You can buy the tops and bottoms separately (for either fashion or sizing purposes) and have the ease of bikini separates with the comfort and coverage of a tank. As long as you measure your current curves and try on a tankini in front of a full-length mirror before you buy one, you will be good to go for activities from recreational to full-on athletic. When choosing a tankini, make sure the top is long enough for comfort, not just when you are standing still but also when you are bending over and reaching up. You’ll be doing plenty of moving whether you’re kicking the ball for beach soccer, running races, or even going for full-on beach rugby. Your suit should keep you comfortable through all of it.

Bikini Top With Shorts

Add a bikini top to your favorite cutoff jeans or women’s shorts, and you have a warm-weather favorite that will keep you cute and comfortable all day. The shorts can make running, bending, and moving easier with confidence, and you are just one T-shirt or beach coverup away from having an outfit to go from the beach to the boardwalk.

Try a bright-colored bikini top with denim shorts for an easy and versatile combination. A neutral top can look adorable with shorts in a pop of color or fun print. This is the beach, after all, you can wear your most fun clothes and not worry about being appropriate.


Those cute sandals may be great for lounging, but if you will be running, racing, or rushing, consider an alternative. Bare feet may be fine as long as you have long stretches of clear sand for your sport. If you are likely to run into anything brought in by the tide, consider wearing water shoes or a sturdy pair of sneakers you won’t mind getting wet and sandy.

Whether you choose to play sans shoes or not, make sure you have good footwear to get to the game. If you opt for sandals, walking sandals or waterproof slides can be practical choices. Always keep the surface you are likely to be walking on and the heel shape in mind. Strappy sandals are great for going out to lunch near the beach, but they can be like treading water to walk in through sand.


Make sure your beach attire includes sunscreen and hydration! Choose an SPF that will consider your individual needs and how long you will be in the sun, and don’t forget to reapply frequently. Spray-on sunscreen can be handy for beach sports because of the even coverage that it affords. If you have little ones in your crew, make sure to require them to stay screened from the sun, too. Whenever you reapply, do the same for them. You can even make it into a game to see who can apply sunscreen the fastest while getting even coverage.

Hydration is self-care for your skin. Keep track of how much water you drink, and remember that as a rule, more is better. Bring a cooler and water bottle to keep your H20 frosty cold. If you don’t care for water, consider bringing a sports drink to help with both hydration and electrolytes. After a day in the sun, pamper your skin with a gentle shower with your favorite shower gel or soap to remove sand and sunscreen followed by a rich moisturizer. It will make you feel great and look extra good the next day.


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