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Best Swimsuits for Big and Tall Men

If you’re on a mission to find the perfect big and tall swimsuit for your warm-weather adventures, you don’t have to worry. The men’s fashion landscape is packed with options for any body size, all offering the same combination of practicality and style. The key to shopping for men’s big and tall swim trunks is to select a pair that’s truly designed specifically for your body type.

That’s especially important where this particular garment is concerned. Why worry about tugging repeatedly at a pair of shorts that’s too short, or about feeling a little uncomfortable because they’re too long for the environment? The right features will make life so much easier, whether you’re lazing on the sand, watching the kids as they splash in the pool, or enjoying summer vacation at the beach with your family.

Focus on Length

“Tall” can be something of an overachieving descriptor. It can vary between companies but generally refers to any height above a certain measurement. Usually, tall men can wear just about any shorts without worry. But it’s important to consider their length when you’re shopping for the right pair. They should never be too short—that can be visually distracting and take away from your comfort, too.

Instead, look for men’s swim trunks that err on the longer side. The advantage of this silhouette is that it creates a more streamlined look that eases naturally from the swimsuit to the leg. Avoid opting for trunks that skim below the knees, though, or anything too baggy or droopy. If you’re a swimmer or a surfer, you’ll appreciate being able to move far more easily without any additional fabric weighing you down while you’re in motion.

Strive for Balance

Men’s swimsuits designed specifically for big men are ideal because they’re created especially with balance in mind. Big and tall guys should always opt for shorts that are congruent to their height for the most flattering look possible. Avoid short lengths, which can visually break the body up into segments instead of contributing to a streamlined look.

Long styles are always suitable because they contribute to a balanced look between the legs and the midsection. Moreover, shorter lengths can accentuate areas that you might prefer to conceal, such as the stomach or the hips. Remember that your goal is to establish a sleek and streamlined effect, which is most easy to achieve when you slip into bottoms that share many of your own body’s characteristics. If you’re tall, wear long shorts!

Play with Colors

Colors and patterns play a significant role in helping you find the most flattering swim bottoms for your body type. Dark colors contribute to the aforementioned streamlined look and help you achieve that flattering effect in an instant. Shades such as black, forest green, navy blue, and deep red are all ideal for achieving your desired look.

But don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, either. Big and tall men should generally avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as these can fool the eye into seeing wider proportions. Instead, look for elongating vertical lines to create a sleeker and taller physique. Strategic color blocking is also a great way to introduce different colors to your look; just make sure that the blocks are broken up vertically so that they don’t lend your trunks a broken up effect. If you favor any type of pattern, it’s best to opt for darker hues in general.

Prioritize Your Comfort

Never forget what matters the most: your comfort! You don’t skimp in that department when you’re shopping for men’s jeans, and you should treat your swimwear hunt with the same attention to detail. Simply put, your comfort means everything! Look for soft fabrics, like polyester and nylon, to keep you comfortable whether you’re jogging on the beach, catching a few waves, chasing after the kids, or lounging on the sand watching them build sandcastles. Those special moments deserve all of your attention, and if you’re comfortable, you can focus on the most important things.

That also means looking at the waistband in particular. Big and tall men will appreciate the practicality of an elastic waist, especially when it features a built-in drawstring for added comfort and adjustability. The beauty of this type of design is that it conforms nicely to your body type, and you can move it as needed. That way, if you need a little wiggle room, you can always trust that your reliable trunks will be there for you!

If you prefer the option of something with more security and coverage, you can also consider a pair of trunks that include a snap-front closure. This is such a smart solution if you’re concerned about achieving the perfect fit. And if you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your look while protecting your skin from potent ultraviolet (UV) rays, consider a men’s rash guard to pair with your bottoms.

You’re sure to look and feel your very best when you’re wearing clothes that are perfect for you!


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