Best Swimwear For A Water Aerobics Class

Best Swimsuits to Wear to a Water Aerobics Class

Different swimsuits are suited for different occasions—a bathing suit for pool parties, a bathing suit for chasing your kids around, a swimsuit for lounging by a hotel pool and a swimsuit for more physical activities, like water aerobics. When it comes to finding all of these swimsuits, it’s pretty tough to find a swimsuit that’s ideal for physical activity like water aerobics. Why? Well, you need to find a bathing suit that’s sturdy, supportive, and something you look forward to wearing. Luckily, Lands’ End has many swimsuits that can help motivate and support you during your upcoming water aerobics class.

Here are the best women’s swimsuits to wear to your next water aerobics class.

A Classic One-Piece

Since water aerobics classes naturally require lots of movement, you’ll want to wear a swimsuit that keeps you tucked in and secure, which is why a classic one-piece swimsuit is a great option for your class. While one-piece swimsuits come in a range of styles—like v-neck, wrap styles, and more, it’s probably best to go for a classic scoop neck or high-neck one-piece bathing suit for your water aerobics class.

This way, you won’t have to worry about low-coverage swimsuits keeping you from doing the movements the instructor teaches. When trying on your one-piece swimsuit, make sure it’s tight enough to keep you supported but loose enough to keep you comfortable.

A Swim Dress

Swim dresses are another great swimsuit option for your upcoming water aerobics class. They provide all of the support and coverage of a a little extra! A women’s swim dress is essentially a one-piece with an added skirt. Unlike a regular dress (which you would not wear to a workout class!), the swim dress’ skirt isn’t too long or flowy, either, so it won’t restrict your poolside exercise. Once again, just make sure your swim dress fits you right so you get all of the supportive benefits that this kind of suit offers.

A Tankini

Just because the tankini swimsuit ends in “kini” doesn’t mean it's akin to a bikini. Instead, it’s actually most similar to a one-piece bathing suit, which makes it another good bathing suit option for a water aerobics class. Tankinis are two-piece bathing suits but the top is the length of a tank top (as the name suggests). So, when you wear this kind of swimsuit, you aren’t showing much (if any) of your stomach. Instead, your stomach is fully covered by the tank top.

Just keep in mind that some tankini tops can be on the shorter side, so you’ll want to choose an option that’s a little longer to ensure your swimsuit doesn’t ride up during your workout.

Or, You Can Try A Swim Shirt

If you want to be covered up during your water aerobics class but don’t want to wear a women’s long-sleeved t-shirt into the pool, get yourself a waterproof t-shirt to wear over your bathing suit. These are known as swim shirts or rash guards and come in a range of colors and styles that are ideal for someone looking to show less skin (and looking to get in a good workout in a supportive swimsuit). You can find yourself both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions of this swimsuit style, but both easily slip over your bathing suit to give you that extra layer of coverage. Swim shirts typically end where most t-shirts end, so about at the top of your hips. If you don’t want the bottom of your bathing suit showing, either, you can get yourself a pair of swim shorts to wear, too. There are plenty of options if you’re hoping for a more full-coverage swimsuit for your water aerobics class.

In the end, modest swimsuits are the best option for a water aerobics class because the class involve lots of movement and fast feet, and you don’t want to worry about your swimsuit coming off as you get your workout in.

After purchasing the best swimsuit for you, you just need a pool tote, towel, and water bottle to be completely ready for your water aerobics class. And, don’t forget to be proud of yourself for taking the time to get your heart pumping and body moving during a difficult—yet fun—fitness class!


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