Best Swimsuit Styles for Big and Tall Men

The Best Swimsuit Styles for Big and Tall Men

Summertime is best spent by the water—whether that’s your local lake, river, pool, or the ocean. For big and tall men, finding the right swimsuit styles for summer swims can sometimes be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of swimsuits that are ideal for—and even made for—big and tall men, along with style tips to keep in mind when shopping.

Here are the best swimsuit styles for big and tall men.

Classic Swim Shorts

A pair of men’s swim trunks is a classic choice for a day of swimming. Big and tall men should opt for knee-length swim trunks, which compliment longer legs. As far as color or print, choose something that fits your unique style—something you’ll be excited to put on this summer.

Once you’re out of the water, slip on one of your plain big and tall tee shirts to keep your skin protected from the sun. Your t-shirt and swim trunks outfit will be good enough for a boardwalk ice cream run or a casual sit-down meal with your family—just add a pair of flip flops and a custom beach bag.

Men’s Swim Shirts

Men’s swim shirts are a great item for big and tall men to wear in summer beach days. Our Lands’ End men’s swim shirts come in a range of colors and styles—short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and even hooded styles. Like classic swim shorts, swim shirts are breathable, waterproof (so you can easily jump in the ocean or pool for a swim), and dry quickly.

Plus, they can protect the covered part of your skin from harmful UV rays. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Men’s Rash Guards

Unlike swim shirts, all styles of men’s rash guards are designed to block the sun’s rays, while also providing a little extra coverage. Rash guards are essentially a different form of swim shirt, but both have their place on the beach or by the pool, and both offer more coverage for a man who wants it.

Dark Colors

Whether considering men’s button-down shirts or a bathing suit, dark-colored clothing is naturally slimming, making it an ideal item for those with a larger figure. When planning out your summer swimsuit style, choose a dark-colored swimsuit or swim shirt. Try a pair of black swim trunks or a navy swim shirt. You can even go for an all-black slimming look by wearing a pair of black swim trunks with a black cotton t-shirt. Just keep in mind that black clothing attracts the sun’s UV rays, so you’ll want to wear a baseball hat to protect your face and lots of sunblock—and you’ll want to bring a beach umbrella to keep you cool, too.

Buy The Right Size

Nothing is more unflattering than clothes they don’t fit—too big clothes can make your frame appear bigger while too small clothing can be uncomfortable to wear. When shopping for swimsuit styles for big and tall men, remember to consider the sizing. Try on a few different swimsuit sizes before selecting the best option for you. This will help ensure you’re in the right-sized, and most flattering, option out there.

If you need to get your swim styles altered to fit, then do. Getting your clothes altered may feel intimidating, but it’ll only help you look your best at the beach or pool—your swimwear will be totally altered to fit your every curve.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for special big and tall-sized swim gear, like our men’s big and tall swim trunks, which are designed specifically for big and tall men. There are many special sizing options for men who know where to look. Make sure to browse for big and tall specific sizing—this way, the clothes are truly made with you in mind.

Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are hard for most people to wear—their horizontal nature elongates things width-wise, making horizontal stripes a hard choice for someone with a larger frame. Many other prints offer a more stylish look for big and tall men. When shopping for swimsuit styles, look for solid dark colors, solid light colors, or prints like polka dots, floral, or madras. And if you still want to wear stripes, get yourself vertically or diagonally striped swim gear.

Many swimsuit styles are ideal for big and tall men, and there are many tips to help achieve the most complimentary look. Give one a try the next time you head out for a beach day or a dip in the neighborhood pool. Happy swimming!


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