Best Swimsuit Cuts for Big and Tall Men

Best Swimsuit Cuts for Big and Tall Men

Sweater weather is officially over, which means you might be in the market for a new pair of swim trunks. When it comes to finding the right swimwear, there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase. The first and arguably most important factor is confidence. If you don’t feel confident in your swim trunks, you won’t feel comfortable, which will impact your pool, beach, or lake day. Second, pick a pattern or color you’ll be excited to wear all summer long. Third, think about sun protection, as rocking a sunburn is definitely not the best or comfiest summer look. And finally, think about what cut and style make the most sense for your body.

While no body is built the same, there are a few good rules of thumb you can follow if you’re a big and tall man looking for the perfect swimsuit. So, after you’re done putting away your big and tall sweaters until you need them again in the fall, read on for tips on choosing the best swimsuit cuts for big and tall men.

Length and Balance

When it comes to knowing the best swimsuit cut for your body, there are two primary things to consider: length and balance. Men’s big and tall swim trunks are designed with height in mind while also focusing on providing cuts that give a balanced look and feel.

For big and tall men, you’ll want to choose a length that’s not too short as to be uncomfortable while also not so long as to be baggy or droopy. Think about wearing a suit that provides a streamlined silhouette while fitting in a way that’ll be comfortable enough for all-day wear. So if you’re a big and tall man who has long legs, you might want to opt for a slightly longer cut that falls right at the knee. If your legs aren’t quite as long, but you still wear big and tall sizes, you should consider wearing a cut that falls a few inches above the knee. And regardless of the length you choose, it’s best to choose a style with an elastic waist for added comfort and mobility.

With these pointers in mind, there are three main swimsuit styles that work best for big and tall men: board shorts, classic volley trunks, and cargo swim trunks.

Board Shorts

When it comes to picking the right swimsuit cut for your body type, board shorts should definitely be considered. The right pair of board shorts will fall just above or right around your knee and will feature a back elastic waistband with a front drawstring. This cut and waist style makes these a perfect choice for activities such as surfing, swimming, or tossing a beach ball around on the shore or by the pool. Board shorts are an ideal balance of style and security, meaning they’ll look amazing while also keeping you comfortable knowing you have a secure-fitting pair of trunks to splash around in.

If this cut sounds good to you, simply opt for the color or print you want and get ready to put your beach towel and beach umbrella to good use all summer long.

Classic Volley Trunks

Volley swim trunks have a classic cut that is super flattering for big and tall men. Opt for a pair with an 8” inseam, a full elastic waist, and a mesh liner for a pair of trunks that’s as stylish as it is practical and comfortable. This cut tends to be slightly shorter than your average pair of board shorts, which means it’ll show a bit more of your leg to make for a streamlined silhouette.

Go with this cut in a fun, summery pattern like pineapples or seashells, or opt for a solid color. No matter what pattern, print, or color you choose, this classic cut will quickly become your new favorite go-to for swim trunks.

Cargo Swim Trunks

Cargo swim trunks are perfect for your more active summer days and pair swimmingly with your go-to water shoes. This swimsuit style features a quick-drying material and several pockets from lake trips to long hikes, making them perfect for when you want to feel comfortable on the go. Cargo swim trunks for big and tall men usually have a 9” to 9 1/2” inseam and an adjustable waist with a snap-front closure. For a truly no-fuss swimwear option, opt for a pair of cargo swim trunks in a neutral color and get on with your day’s adventures!

For a Top Layer

Men’s rash guards are a must-have when it comes to full days spent out in the surf or even just by the pool. These are basically T-shirts in a swimsuit-like material that provide UPF 50 protection, meaning they’re quick-dry, practical, and will help keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Swap a big and tall short-sleeve swim tee out for your standard big and tall tee shirts if you’re looking for an upper layer to put on between dips or to wear while you get your surf on.

While these are helpful pointers to keep in mind while finding the perfect swimsuit cut for you, remember that you’ll look amazing as long as you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you have on.

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