Best Sweaters to Wear on Chilly Nights

Best Sweaters to Wear on Chilly Nights

It's chilly out there, but you don't have to bid farewell to your awesome sense of style just because of the weather! You've got things to do and people to see, especially as the holiday season approaches. Maybe you're going out with the family, meeting up with old friends who are in town, or planning for date night with your significant other. No matter the occasion, there's a sweater for it. Here are some of the best women's sweaters to wear on chilly nights.

Warm Up in Chenille

Chenille sweaters are instantly recognizable. They're reminiscent of cozy blankets in appearance, and they feel just as soft to the touch. That makes them instant contenders for most-worn sweater honors, particularly on the chilliest nights of the season. Available in a variety of styles, including classic crewnecks, practical cardigans, and chic women's tunic sweaters, chenille adds a touch of lavish luxury to your winter collection. If you go the cardigan route, you can slip a colorful jewel-tone top underneath, pull on your favorite skinny jeans, and step into a pair of comfortable knee-high boots for an instant ensemble that's casually chic.

Or, throw on your tunic-style sweater with jeggings and ankle boots for another variation that will keep you super cozy. Because the material is so substantial, it's a good idea to think about the proportions of each piece when deciding what to wear. For example, a more voluminous sweater might overwhelm your frame if worn with long, loose-fitting bottoms.

Slip Into Some Cashmere

Winter and cashmere are practically synonymous with one another and for good reason. The material is one of the season's most practical choices. It's popular for its inherent luxury and beautiful appearance, but it's far more than just a pretty face. Cashmere speaks to your desire to stay comfortable on chilly nights without sacrificing your sense of style. If you aren't swayed yet, consider this: Cashmere is surprisingly lightweight and never appears heavy or bulky. That's important when you're dressing up for your night out and don't want to bother with the usual winter heavyweights to stay warm.

Cashmere is a chic alternative that looks great with anything, from a sleek leather pencil skirt and knee-high winter boots to a fit-and-flare skirt and pumps. You can also wear it with flowing pants or even jeans if you're taking a more casual approach. Either way, expect cashmere to lock in your body heat so that you stay toasty even when it's brisk out there.

Cozy Up in a Cable-Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters are generally considered some of the most classic and comfortable out there. In some cases, it can fill in nicely when you would normally wear a jacket but feel like dressing up just a touch. For a great look on a chilly night out, consider a cable zip women's cardigan sweater. It looks phenomenal with a pair of dark rinse straight-leg jeans or even over a fit-and-flare dress, a pair of tights, and cute wedge booties. Cable knits are great because they move seamlessly from day to evening. That means you don't have to worry about what to wear if you're headed straight from work to your night out.

You can easily make the same piece work during the day in a professional setting–it's understated enough to work, and it pairs well with anything from a simple pencil skirt to a pair of tailored pants. When you're ready to head out, add a couple of eye-catching statement accessories and you'll be ready for anything. If your goal is to feel warm and look stylish, this piece will help you achieve that easily.

Wear a Fun Pattern

How often do you wear patterned sweaters? If you tend to associate that idea solely with festive Christmas sweaters, think again. Adding a vibrant print to your look on a brisk night out is an easy way to shake things up a bit. There are many options available that will look great with nearly anything imaginable. Consider an animal-print cotton sweater with a pair of your favorite black jeans, or try a striped cardigan over a solid black dress.

Pair a classic floral embroidered cardigan with skinny black pants and a pair of ballet flats for a timeless Hepburn-esque look. You can even get into the spirit of the season by wearing a holiday-friendly pattern. If you don't want to wear something with a tree or an elf on it, you can opt for something more subtle, like a delicate snowflake pattern in a light hue. Combine that with a pair of jeans or a simple black skirt, plus neutral suede booties for a fun and funky look that will keep you comfortable on the coldest evenings of the year.

No matter what Mother Nature might bring your way this season, there's a sweater to keep you warm. It's hard to go wrong with something warm, soft, and textured. Find your favorite one to get cozy in on a chilly night.


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