Best Sweaters to Gift This Holiday Season

Best sweaters to gift this holiday season

It could be argued that a sweater is the perfect holiday gift. Everyone needs one and wants to be wearing one on a cold winter day. You would be hard-pressed to find a 'sweater grinch' who would turn up their nose at one. Now that we've made the case for gifting someone with a sweater this holiday season, we will venture into slightly trickier territory: finding one you know someone is going to love. To make the gift shopping experience easier, we've come up with a list of a few sweaters that make for excellent holiday gifts.

A print sweater

Provided you have a good understanding of the person's style preferences, a fun print sweater with lots of vivid colors and designs may be the way to go. Give someone a sweater with personality, whether it's something explicitly festive or something patterned that could be worn at any time of year. A patterned cardigan with various designs and multiple colors may be just what the wardrobe needs. A patterned sweater with something like stripes or a checkered design gives an outfit added texture. Or if their taste is simpler, they'll want solid-colored sweaters. If you are sweater shopping for kids, a multicolored print sweater may be the only thing that's acceptable to them. Sweater shopping for kids is a little harder since we can safely bet a sweater is likely less exciting to them than a shiny new toy. But when that sweater is filled with interesting designs like horses or polka-dots and comes in many different colors, it will be more exciting to the child than a straightforward, solid-colored sweater. 

You can even gift a printed sweater with a matching book or toy to make it more exciting for a child. So, if you get them a sweater with a horse on it, consider including a stuffed horse and or a book about horses to jazz up your gift even more.

The cashmere sweater

Everyone needs one high-end, quality sweater in their wardrobe and that sweater is a cashmere. If there is a special someone in your life who really deserves to be spoiled this Christmas, gift them with cashmere. Getting them a sweater like this shows how much they mean to you. Secondly, a cashmere sweater is something the person receiving their gift will be able to use as a wardrobe staple for many years. And, of course, a cashmere sweater is one of the most comfortable sweaters a person can wear. 

The sweaters can be worn year-round because cashmere is such a breathable fabric. So, it can be worn for warmth in the fall and winter. A brightly colored cashmere sweater is also great for early spring when it’s still a bit chilly. You can even wear a short sleeve cashmere sweater in the summer as well. The person receiving a cashmere sweater will light up when they open their gift and see the silky, smooth texture of it.

A chenille ribbed sweater

Like a cashmere sweater, a chenille ribbed sweater is high up there on the list of sweaters that are ultra-soft and comfy. Few things are like the joy of opening up a gift-wrapped box and finding a gorgeous chenille ribbed sweater that will feel like silk when worn. Although the main feature of a chenille sweater is the soft texture, it's also something of a fashion statement. It's an elegant piece; one that can be paired with dress pants or worn over a blouse. A chenille sweater is multifunctional so the person receiving it as a gift will be able to wear it around the house, at the office, or at their next dinner party–and every time, the chenille ribbed sweater will fit right in.

Short-sleeve cashmere sweater

It's the sweater they never knew they needed. A short-sleeve cashmere sweater may seem antithetical to everything a sweater is supposed to be, but hear us out: a short-sleeved sweater is exactly the kind of thing a person will want to wear when the house is nice and toasty, yet they still want to wear something ridiculously comfortable. The velvety, buttery texture of the cashmere will give added appeal to an outfit, no matter how casual the outfit is. It's the kind of sweater that will make a person feel like a Hollywood leading man or lady of the ‘40s, just lounging around their charming bungalow in Southern California.

The cardigan sweater

Unlike the short-sleeve cashmere sweater, this cardigan is the sweater everyone knows they need. Everyone can appreciate a thick, high-quality sweater they can wrap around themselves like a blanket. A cardigan sweater comes in all different shapes and sizes (and colors and materials), so you can easily find one that reflects the personal tastes of the person for whom you are buying the sweater. You can find a cashmere cardigan sweater or a cotton cardigan sweater; a cardigan sweater that is longer than the average sweater; and a cardigan sweater that ends at the hip. Cardigan sweaters come with big buttons and small buttons, patterns, and solid colors. With so many different cardigan styles, you can find a cardigan sweater for everyone in your life.


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