Best Sweaters for the Spring Transition

Best Sweaters for the Spring Transition

There’s a lot to love about the transition from winter to spring. The flowers are starting to bloom, the world outside feels fresh and new. And soon, it might actually still be light out when you finish work (huzzah!). It’s no surprise that there’s a collective excitement in the air with sunshiney days on the horizon and the last of the stubborn winter snowbanks finally starting to melt. And while this seasonal shift is all about making outdoorsy plans like picnics and hikes, it can also be about checking the weather app a few times a day. The weather can be unpredictable during the transition from winter to spring, which can call for some extra creativity as far as outfit planning goes. The good news is that having the right sweaters on hand for the spring transition can make this shift a total breeze. So, before you start spring cleaning your closet and stashing away all of your winter essentials, read on for the best sweaters for the spring transition.

Open-Front Cardigan Sweaters

You know how that song goes, cardigans are a spring's best friend? Okay, sure, that might not be exactly it, but the sentiment certainly rings true. Cardigans are essential for the spring transition, as the unpredictable weather that marks these months will call for lots of layering.

So, as you start to transition your closet and your wardrobe from winter to spring, make sure you keep a few women's cardigan sweaters easily accessible. It’s best to have a more lightweight cardigan for those days that are leaning a bit more toward sunshiney spring vibes and then something a bit more heavy-duty for those days when you can’t seem to shake the winter chill.

Wear your cardigan over a maxi dress on warmer days or with pants and a long-sleeve layer on colder days, and for dressy spring occasions, opt for an elegant women’s cashmere cardigan that you can layer over a dress or a skirt and blouse combo.

Cardigans will provide a bulk-free layering option to keep you covered on even the most unpredictable days of the seasonal shift (well, as long as you have an umbrella on hand, too!).

Pullover Crewneck Sweaters

Having a few classic crewneck sweaters in your outfit rotation is a must for this seasonal transition. These women's pullover tops can provide a fuss-free layer for any spring transition activity and you can easily style them for going out or staying in.

Rock a crewneck pullover sweater with some on-trend light-was denim straight-leg jeans and sneakers or booties for a versatile look that you’ll want to wear on repeat as the season shifts. Layer your sweater over an Oxford shirt for some added style points, as this timeless combo will make you feel instantly polished, and add a raincoat layer if needed. Or, for those overcast days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house, you’ll love the look and feel of a pullover crewneck sweater paired with some cute joggers. These pullover sweaters will keep you feeling both comfy and effortlessly stylish as spring slowly but surely comes into focus. Either as a top layer over crisp Oxford or a lounge look paired with your fave comfy pants, you’ll get a ton of use out of these as the seasons change.

Supima Cotton Sweaters

When it comes to the best materials for the spring transition, Supima cotton definitely makes the list. That’s because Supima cotton is light yet substantial, not to mention oh-so-soft, making it perfect for those days when you need a little added warmth but don’t want to overheat.

Opt for a more fitted women's Supima cotton sweater in a cardigan sweater for bulk-free layering under a lightweight jacket or waterproof shell or on oversized Supima cotton sweater with a relaxed fit that you can wear as your top layer over a T-shirt.

Pair your Supima cotton sweater with everything from jeans and capri pants to dress pants or a midi-skirt. These seriously soft tops are a must for when you want to feel and look your best regardless of the wonky weather patterns that might be going on outside.

Tunic Sweaters

Women's tunic sweaters are another must-have for the spring transition. Flowy and effortlessly stylish, tunic sweaters are perfect for pairing with leggings, which can make for some seriously cute and comfy looks during this transitionary period. It doesn’t get much easier than stepping into a pair of stretchy leggings and throwing on a stylish tunic sweater for running errands or popping by the local cafe for coffee.

Simply rock this look with sneakers, duck shoes, or rain boots, add an outer layer if needed, and go about your day. You can also easily dress up your tunic sweater by wearing it with dress pants and ballet flats or kitten heels if your agenda calls for it.

With these sweaters in your rotation, getting ready can be easy peasy during the lull between seasons. And without having to stress about what to wear, you can focus on planning your spring picnics, and on stopping to smell the roses, of course!


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