Best Sweaters for Sitting Out in the Backyard

Best Sweaters for Sitting Out in the Backyard

Cool, crisp fall weather is here, and with it the exciting anticipation of sweater season. Whether you’re sitting in the backyard to socialize with friends, enjoying time with family, or just taking in the scenery, you will want to have the right gear to keep you warm. As many of our social gatherings have been taking place outdoors this summer and will likely continue into the fall, you want to have the best sweaters for sitting out in the backyard and enjoying time with friends and family.

Choosing the best women’s sweater is a combination of material and style. Be sure you are wearing high-quality material, such as wool or cashmere, for adequate warmth. Synthetic materials, including polyester and acrylic, do not have the same insulating qualities as natural fibers, and though they may be cute and convenient, they are ultimately not as warm.

As for style, a close-fitting sweater will work wonderfully as an insulator, while looser fitting sweater styles are excellent for layering. If you are anticipating especially cool temperatures, a combination of both is the best for staying warm while enjoying the great outdoors.

Cashmere Sweaters

It’s no mystery why cashmere sweaters are a timeless classic. Cashmere is a lightweight luxury with unparalleled functionality for keeping you warm. While women’s cashmere sweaters can be worn for a variety of occasions, a stylish cashmere sweater is perfect for backyard social occasions. If you are having an outdoor cocktail party or barbeque and want to look good while staying warm, a cashmere sweater is for you. Wear a cashmere turtleneck over a comfortable pair of jeans for a fashionable yet down-to-earth outfit that is perfect for hosting others.

Wool Sweaters

Wool sweaters are remarkably warm and versatile. Perfect for throwing over your pajamas, a wooly sweater is just right for enjoying your morning cup of coffee in the backyard on a chilly autumn day. Put on a cozy wool sweater over pajama pants to enjoy glorious mornings outside while still staying warm. This combo is also ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Wear a chunky knit, crew neck, or v-neck wool sweater to mix it up a bit. Chunky knits are especially trendy and are the perfect choice if you want to wear something a little more interesting and textured while hosting friends in the backyard for coffee or lunch dates. If wool makes you itch, wear a cotton shirt underneath for ultimate comfort.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters are not only comfortable, warm, and stylish, but they are also excellent choices for layering. A part of fall is holding out as long as we can before pulling our coats out of the closet, and layering will help us to do that. Oversized sweaters come in all shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and materials to suit your personal style.

Throw on your favorite oversized sweater over an insulating cashmere turtleneck sweater for extra warmth. For evenings and nights in the backyard, this is a perfect combo that will keep you warm and stylish all at once. Wear an oversized sweater over leggings and boots for the classic, casual chic look that will still keep you warm.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel isn’t technically a sweater, but nothing spells rustic chic and keeps you warm like flannel. Flannel is super-trendy these days and is the perfect choice for welcoming in the fall weather in the backyard. Flannel is also a great choice for throwing on over a sweater or turtleneck. Because flannel shirts are so stylish and trendy, they easily dress up and make a straightforward outfit more interesting. If you are hosting friends and family in the backyard for a fall social gathering, wear flannel for the cozy fall feels. Perfect for any time of the day and everyone in the family, flannel shirts almost seem made for sitting out in the backyard and enjoying the cool, crisp autumn air.


Like flannel shirts, cardigans are great for throwing on over just about anything. If you are in the backyard enjoying some late summer sunshine and then the clouds roll in, simply slip on a cardigan, and you’re good to go. Cardigans are also dressy enough to wear over just about anything while hosting friends and family outdoors. Wear with pajamas or your favorite sweater dress; either way, a cardigan is going to keep you warm and classy while relaxing and enjoying the backyard.

Backyard time can be stylish and warm, too. Check out all these sweater styles to see which look is best for you, and to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather comfortably in your backyard.


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