The Best Summer Shoes to Wear at an Outdoor Wedding

The Best Summer Shoes to Wear at an Outdoor Wedding

It’s been over a year since it seems that weddings have been put on hiatus, but the world is opening up again and the wedding invites are now flooding in. To keep in line with social distancing and general precautions, many people are choosing to have outdoor weddings. This strikes a perfect medium between safety and fun. It’s an exciting prospect to get back into the swing of things, but first, you need to be prepared.

When you are outdoors, the type of clothes and shoes you wear will differ from that of an indoor venue. The shoes need to be comfortable but stylish enough to match with your special occasion dresses or suit. The good news is that it’s easy to strike a balance between looks and function since there are many options for you. You’ll find everything from cute ballet flats to comfortable penny loafers to complete your stylish formal or semi-formal outfit. These are the best summer shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding.

Flats for Uneven Terrain

Outdoor weddings have unpredictable walking surfaces. One minute you may be walking down a smooth, paved path, and then the next thing you know, it’s time to walk down a hill to get to cocktail hour. Rustic, charming wedding venues typically have antique cobblestone paths that can be hazardous for heels. If you know you’re going to deal with mud, dirt, and inhospitable walking paths, then it’s wise to wear flats the whole time or at least bring a pair with you for emergencies.

If you absolutely want to wear heels, then take care as you walk and try to select a pair that has a wider heel. Pin-thin heels tend to dig into the damp ground and are uncomfortable to wear for long hours There is also no harm in changing into flats after a few hours if your heels aren’t working for the venue. Keep them in your car or in your purse for a convenient outfit change. If you brought your women’s weekender bag with you, then these shoes easily fit inside until you need them. After all, when it’s time to dance the night away, a set of comfortable shoes may be just what you need!

Mary Janes

If you like having a little bit of heel but don’t want to sacrifice agility and function, then the excellent traction and raised heel of Mary Janes can work for your outfit. This style of shoe has a lot of strengths—with its versatility being one of its strongest features. Mary janes look good with semi-formal attire like fit and flare dresses and dress suits because of their smooth upper sole and attractive heels that are just the right height. You can also get a pair in a neutral color like tan or black that can be worn every day at work or for a girls’ night out. This high “wear again” value makes the inclusion of a few pairs in your closet a strategic move for enhancing your outfit.

Men’s Shoes

When it comes to outdoor wedding attire, men have a variety of choices that range from casual to formal attire. These outfits demand different types of footwear to match the type of environment where the celebration is held. For instance, if the wedding is casual, then a pair of well-maintained sneakers can be ideal for navigating muddy or hilly venues.

However, when the occasion is semi-formal or formal, men’s dress shoes are easily available. Moccasins and penny loafers are excellent styles that can serve double duty at work and at formal events like weddings. Whether you get genuine leather or faux materials, the shine of a formal men’s shoe adds a special something to a suit that ties the look together. Get the shoe that matches the tuxedo or suit for a seamless look that has excellent replay value.

Kids’ Shoes

If you’re attending a kid-friendly wedding, the wedding hosts and guests will expect some little ones running around. There is plenty of excitement around, so keep your kids comfortable in protective and functional shoes. Closed-toe Mary Janes or ballet-flat-style shoes are among the top chosen girls’ shoes for weddings. Girls can also stay active in tennis shoes when they are ready to run. While boys can easily wear some clean sneakers if they aren’t doing ring bearer duty, they can also look great in boy’s dress shoes.

Boys’ belts are also useful to keep their mini tuxedos fitting just right. When it comes to kids’ shoes, make sure nothing is fussy or unsafe. For instance, flip-flops can get lost and open-toed sandals can result in injuries if the kids are running around new terrain. Keep things formal while covering your kids’ feet so they stay happy and active while celebrating this very special day.

Outdoor weddings require comfortable yet fashionable clothing and shoes. These top picks for weddings are sure to complete your outfit and make you look great.


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