Best Summer Outfits to Wear to the Grocery Store

Best Summer Outfits to Wear to the Grocery Store

It seems like trips to the grocery store happen more frequently in the summertime. Maybe it’s because of impromptu summer barbecues or the fact that the kids are home and eating everything in sight. Or maybe it’s because winter makes us not want to go outside, so we get all of our necessities in as few trips as possible during those months, as opposed to summertime when the weather begs us to head out. Whatever the reason, summer is for relaxation and casual attire. If you feel like going to the grocery store but are unsure of what to wear, you can go through your closet and find some pieces that you like. Here are some of the best summer apparel to have handy for those trips to the grocery store this summer.

The Simple Yet Reliable T-shirt Dress

t-shirt dress is simple yet classy. Its straight silhouette combined with a light and flowy knit fabric makes it not only flattering but as comfy as your favorite t-shirt. Just throw it on and pair it with your favorite sneakers, flip flops or sandals, grab your purse and you’re good to go. A t-shirt dress with short sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves (instead of a sleeveless dress) will help ensure that your arms don’t catch a chill when you’re inside the air-conditioned grocery store too.

A Lightweight Cardigan

Sometimes on the hottest days, you might want to wear a sleeveless or spaghetti-strap top. But entering an air-conditioned building like a grocery store can make you feel like you’re in Antarctica. Plus, it gets even colder as soon as you open a freezer door or walk past the chilled meat section. As such, you may regret not having something to wrap around yourself over that tank top or sleeveless dress. Cotton cardigans are great for that purpose. You can simply keep one in your car and wrap it around your waist when you head into the grocery store. If you’re hit with a blast of cold air, untie it from your waist, stick your arms in the sleeves and you’re good to go. Look for one that doesn’t easily wrinkle so you don’t have to worry about it while it’s in your car. Also, pockets are an added bonus for coupons, cash, and keys.

A Tunic and Leggings

Just like in the wintertime, leggings are a staple of the comfy woman’s wardrobe. But hot weather and long leggings don’t quite mix. Having some capri leggings in good supply is a summer must. Match them with a women’s tunic tops for leggings, and you will look effortlessly put together. The length of the tunic can look even dress-like when paired with some leggings. Plus, you can wear whatever type of footwear you like with this combo.

Workout Attire

The one type of outfit you can always get away with wearing to the grocery store is workout attire. Even if you haven’t just run 3 miles or been to yoga class, people may assume you have and that you’re just popping into the grocery store to pick up a few things on your way home. You can pair it with a lightweight jacket to cover up with.

A Summer Rain Jacket

On those occasional rainy summer days, you won’t have to worry so much about what you’re wearing if you cover up with a lightweight rain jacket. In fact, you don’t even need a purse if your women’s rain jacket has enough pockets for keys, money, and your cellphone. Look for one that’s breathable, moves easily, and resists moisture. A hood is also nice for when you don’t want to worry about carrying around an umbrella.

While you can get all dressed up or put on makeup to go to the grocery, store, you can also dress more casually if that's what you prefer. Having a range of outfit ideas in mind can come in handy when you need to quickly run out to the store but want to look put-together and feel comfortable as well.


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