Best Summer Bathroom Decor

Best Summer Bathroom Décor

There’s nothing like giving your home a little makeover. It can break you out of a style rut and put you in a more positive frame of mind. If you’re looking for a good reason to make a few changes, summer is as good an excuse as any other. Warmer weather, brighter skies, and plenty of sunshine open the door for you to infuse the same uplifting, radiant vibe in your own abode. A great place to start is the bathroom, which may not get the same makeover love as much as, say, your kitchen or your bedroom.

There’s a lot to focus on in this relatively compact space—and in this case, a smaller size works in its favor because it’s far easier to identify areas that you’ve updated. Whether you’re eyeing some new washcloths in a breezy hue or just want to create some interesting focal points, here’s how to give your bathroom the ultimate summer makeover.

Change Up Your Towels

That stack of towels perched on the shelf hasn’t changed much in quite a while. If that’s true for you, summer gives you the perfect excuse to branch out and experiment with something new. There’s plenty of time at other times of the year to invite richer, darker, or more dramatic shades into the space. Summer, though, is all about keeping things light, bright, airy, fun, and uplifting.

That’s where the softest bath towels make all the difference. Made with luxurious, premium materials like Supima cotton and hydrocotton, they absorb moisture like a dream and feel so good you may just want to spend your summer days lounging in them. What’s more, they’re available in a broad range of warm weather-friendly hues, from pale blush to crisp white. Have fun mixing things up and adding a few of each to your shelf for an instant summer update.

Replace the Shower Curtain

If you’ve been looking for a decent excuse to change your shower curtain, the change of season is a good one! The shift to warmer weather means you have excuses galore to add some splashes of crisp blue, bright turquoise, or fresh navy to your space. Love a neutral? Grey and white are your best friends when it warms up.

Overall, summer’s best shower curtains are lighter and more laid-back. They evoke the feeling of a breezy afternoon at the beach or a relaxed day at the lake. Sometimes they’re simple, but occasionally they’re also playful. You’ll find patterns galore, from classic stripes that will always be in style to lovely paisley patterns that add a pop of visual intrigue to the room.

Try New Bathroom Rugs

Bath rugs and mats may not receive a ton of attention on a normal basis, but summer is definitely the time to rethink your floor accessory game. In materials like plush Turkish cotton and smooth Supima cotton, they’re incredibly soft and stylish. They’re also available in a broad range of summery colors, from ivory to blue to teal.

That makes it easy to accomplish the look you have in mind. A deeper tone is great for a larger bathroom since it will pop and lend the space a bold focal point. If the bathroom is smaller, opt for a lighter color to lend the room a more open, spacious appearance. You’ll also find patterned bath rugs featuring everything from botanical leaf motifs to exquisite tile prints. No matter your pick, you can trust your rug to add the right finishing touch to your space.

Add New Hand Towels

If you’ve been in a relationship with the same hand towels for a good long while now, it’s time to say farewell and get acquainted with a newer style for summer. New towels aren’t just a good summer investment but also vital to your comfort. Materials like Terry cloth and cotton feel wonderful against the skin—and that’s a detail the entire family will undoubtedly appreciate.

Of course, great colors and patterns are what truly set them apart for the season. Have a blast choosing the styles that best reflect your home décor preferences. Maybe you’re all about vivacious pinks or love a crisp nautical stripe. Maybe you appreciate a well-placed sailboat motif or want a cool tile-print hand towel to match your bath rug or mat. With so many striking options, you’ll easily find one that integrates well into your setup.

Choosing the right styles for your summer bathroom upgrade is largely about committing to color swaps. A few new additions feel fresh and interesting, and they can liven up the space in unexpected ways for the season. Adding a few other refreshing touches, like a fresh plant in the corner to occupy space or an orchid on the countertop to brighten up the room, can also make a big difference.


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