Best Summer Athleisure Styles

Best Summer Athleisure Styles

Summer and athleisure are just meant to go together. Summer tends to let us loosen up and get a bit more casual than other seasons, and athleisure does the same while staying stylish. Let’s look at some of the best summer athleisure styles.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure is more about style than sturdiness. It’s a vibe that takes advantage of comfy and sleek women’s activewear but more for the sake of comfort and style. You want to look and feel great, not necessarily train for a 10k. Athleisure encourages you to mix and match your favorite pieces, whether they are leggings, athletic shorts, tank tops, joggers, jackets, athletic skirts, or sneakers. What could be comfier?

Love Those Leggings

Leggings are a great place to start when putting together an athleisure outfit. The silhouette of the leggings or sleek sweats that you choose will help you figure out what cute and comfy top to put with it. For maximum comfort, consider a loosely cut women’s cotton tank top or two. You can wear one by itself or layer them depending upon both the look you like and the weather. Longer tops look graceful with leggings and give you the level of coverage to match your comfort.

Jump Into Joggers

Workout joggers are a great athleisure choice. Just make sure to stick to a sleek silhouette instead of going for baggy sweats. A matching or coordinating jacket can be a great addition, especially on a cool summer night or if you are in air conditioning and are wearing a light tank top underneath.

Joggers are an excellent travel choice in the summer because they are uber comfy and give you the option of layering up or down depending upon the temperature. If you want to be ready for fun at a moment’s notice, you can even wear a swimsuit under your joggers so you can hit the beach as soon as you get to your destination. They roll up easily in a carry-on bag or backpack. Joggers also look good with slides, too, which make for good airport, pool, and beach shoes.

Cute Capris

Athletic capris make a fun athleisure choice, especially if you will be out and about in hot weather. They have the advantage of a bit more coverage than most shorts while being as comfortable as pajama bottoms. Black capris or cropped yoga pants work well for an athleisure outfit because you can pair them with any neutral, pastel, or bright that you like. Summer should be a bit whimsical, though, so consider fun colors for athletic capris when putting together your comfy and stylish athleisure outfits.

Layer Up

Another advantage of athleisure outfits is how easy it is to layer the individual pieces and have them work together for your comfort while staying stylish. Consider wearing matching capris and a jacket or layering a tank top or T-shirt underneath a cute hoodie.

Hoodies are just the best. Sweatshirts and hoodies for women are as comfy as can be, practical for all kinds of weather, and yet look cool and stylish. And you can go with basics like white or gray or any color of the rainbow. Make sure to have at least one neutral hoodie and one fun-colored hoodie in your summer athleisure wardrobe.

Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers!

What footwear goes with athleisure? You guessed it, sneakers. With all the styles and colorways available, you can go for high fashion if you choose, but a great pair of bright white kicks is always a nice choice. Keep the silhouette of your outfit in mind when sneaker shopping. Some women prefer the slim and classic look of the traditional white “sneaker,” while others want to go for high-tech athletic shoes that can be chunkier. Some sneakers are cute but have almost no arch support. Others could withstand an entire day of hiking (or shopping!). Make sure to keep both comfort and style in mind. There is no right answer, but you’ll want to look and feel great in the shoes you choose.

Don’t Forget the Shades

The right sunglasses can just make you look so cool. When thinking about athleisure outfits, keep in mind that you will sometimes be out in the sun and will want to look great and protect your eyes at the same time.

When you go sunglasses shopping, take a little time to make sure that you find a pair that look fabulous. Always try on sunglasses in front of a mirror (full-length, if possible—it's more fun that way). Why not wear one of your new athleisure ensembles to go sunglasses shopping? Once you find the perfect pair, also buy a hard case to go with them. You don’t want to lose those great shades by dropping them or sitting on them (so easy to do!). Have fun wearing your athleisure this summer!


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