The Best Standout Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs in 2023

The Best Standout Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs in 2023

Although you can't go wrong with basics, standout pieces offer adventure and personal style to your wardrobe. Shake it up this new year and don't be afraid to step a bit out of your comfort zone. Get ready for 2023 with the best standout pieces your wardrobe needs in the coming year.  

High-Waisted Jeans

Capture the best of your natural curves with high-waisted jeans. High-rise jeans add a standout dimension that regular jeans just don’t offer. High-waisted jeans are not just trendy, they also are fashionable and comfortable, in addition to making any outfit all the more interesting. The return of high waists to the fashion world has been one of our favorite and longer-lasting style trends. Go for the high-waisted skinny jean look that flatters your form and accentuates your shape. Or, choose a wide leg or bellbottom approach that represents a much-appreciated throwback to the funky freedom of the 70s. Flower child or not, high-waisted jeans add the perfect fun and flirty pop to any outfit. 

Maxi Dress

Not just for boho chic ladies, maxi dresses are elegant and stylish ways to dress up or dress down. Maxi dresses are laid-back yet refined standout pieces that every wardrobe needs. Reminiscent of Greek goddesses and mythical women through the ages, maxi dresses capture something eternal yet modern, ethereal yet practical, for anyone wearing them. Maxi dresses for women can be styled to be worn year-round. Wear them in the warmer months with sandals and a jean jacket for a flawless, airy feel and look. Or, wear them in colder months with boots, tights, and a wool blazer for a stylish and classic look. The streamlined look and length of maxi dresses is what makes them a stunning standout piece for any woman’s wardrobe.

Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors are fun and fashionable, and can add that extra pop to any outfit. Deep solids in various shades of reds, burgundies, blues, and yellows are trendy. Bold colors can be added to an outfit as an accent piece, such as a silk scarf, or as a statement piece all on its own, like a blazer. Add a few bold-color pieces to your wardrobe to always have a standout piece on hand to spice up any outfit. For example, wearing black jeans and a black sweater with a bright red blazer and suede boots effectively uses a bold-color piece or two to make an otherwise subtle outfit stand out.  

Fit and Flare Dress

Fit and flare dresses are a girly yet mature addition to any woman’s wardrobe. These versatile and fun pieces are flattering, comfortable, and glamorous. Fit and flare dresses accentuate your waist and upper body while flowing smoothly off the hips. Falling above the knees, they look wonderful worn with opaque tights and boots in cooler weather, or simply with a pair of cute sandals for summer days. Because of the way this dress cut accentuates the figure while falling loosely around the hips, the flattering shape makes it a standout piece for anyone's closet. 

Chic Joggers

This has been the year of doing everything in loungewear, comfy clothes , or your favorite pajamas. Working from home has led many people to focus on not just what looks good, but also what feels good to wear all day. Loungewear has taken on a whole new dimension of being stylish. Upgrade your present loungewear wardrobe to some cool yet sophisticated pieces that you can comfortably wear while working from home yet still feel cute at the grocery store. Chic joggers are the perfect standout lounge piece that will make you feel stylish, even while lying on the couch. Look for cashmere sweatpants, silk joggers, and flattering cuts. Even when we’re no longer at home all day, these stylish sweatpants will make a trendy fashion statement all on their own. Comfortable is the new cool, after all.

Folk Prints

Folk prints, artisan-inspired textiles, and traditional patterns are taking the fashion world by storm. Nothing stands out like an exotic pattern or textile. From batik to peasant-style hand embroidery, Inca-woven textiles to hand-painted silk, antique lace to tribal motifs, exotic is in and beautiful. These delicate and intricate folk-inspired pieces can be in the form of a dress, coat, skirt, jacket, bag, or just about anything else. Wear a stunning batik dress with your usual jacket and shoes. Or, wear a hand-embroidered jacket that offers an Indian flair. Not only are these exotic pieces trendy, they make unique and special standout pieces. You know you won’t accidentally be wearing the same dress as someone else. 

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots have been timelessly trendy for as long as we can remember. The classic style adds the perfect pop to any outfit. Add flair to your jeans and sweater look by simply slipping on a pair of leather knee-high boots. This style of boot is also perfect for wearing under skirts or dresses, and with legging s. If you want to go super standout, wear a pair of knee high boots that are white, beige, or a bold color. Every woman needs a pair of knee high boots in her wardrobe for those moments she wants to add that extra sass and strut to her look.   

Standout pieces are those fun and adventurous parts of your wardrobe that help you define and enjoy your style. Definitely keep a few pop-out pieces around for those days you feel like making your fashion statement.


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