Best Women’s Polo Shirts for Spring

Best Women’s Polo Shirts for Spring

Springtime is the right time to break out a classic women’s polo shirt. This versatile garment can easily change the character of your entire wardrobe. While it’s a long-time basic and timeless piece that people have worn for decades, modern updates mean that there are fresher ways to style it. By revamping the polo’s purpose in your wardrobe, you can enjoy this easy piece more than you might expect. Here are a few of the best styles of the season—and how to wear them like a complete polo pro.

The Classic

You can never really compete with a classic. There’s a reason that people have flocked to the beloved polo shirt for decades. Although originally designed for sportsmen to wear while playing golf and tennis, it’s evolved into quite the statement piece. It eventually became a key part of equestrian society, and today it’s one of the most versatile pieces available. More than just enduring, the style is easy to wear in a variety of different ways.

If you want to stick with the classic theme, try pairing your polo shirt with a pair of your favorite women’s jeans. Tuck in a polo and step into a pair of booties or pointy-toe ballet flats for a sleek and streamlined look. You could also wear your polo untucked with a pair of straight-leg jeans and chunky-sole canvas sneakers. You’ll love the way the outfit comes together without a hitch, providing you with countless styles to wear throughout spring.

The Jersey

When is a polo not just any old polo? When it undergoes a modern makeover and emerges as a more grown-up and refined version of its original self! The polo shirt made with jersey fabric is considerably more polished, allowing for a slight drape that lends it a sophisticated finish. Look for styles that feature partially open plackets without buttons to convey an even dressier look overall.

Jersey fabrics are soft and almost plush to the touch, which makes a polo made with this fine fabric a great choice to pair with something more polished. A sleek mid-length skirt, for example, looks right at home with a jersey polo. Tuck the top in and sling a belt around your hips to finish the look. Because the skirt is longer, avoid wearing boots that are too tall—it’s best to stick with ankle booties or low-profile heels to create a balanced look from top to toe.

The Pattern

If ever there was a time to have some fun with unexpected prints and patterns, it’s spring. The season of renewal provides you with a great excuse to retire some of the darker hues that you committed to during fall and winter. Sunnier skies call for brighter hues, and fun floral patterned polo shirts are great to shake things up a little bit.

You don’t have to do anything too experimental or unexpected when you wear a print top. Stick with something simple on the bottom for symmetry, like a pair of effortless capri pants on a warm day spent wandering around town with your family or running errands with the kids. You can even wear a patterned top beneath something solid, like a cardigan or a light jacket, when you need an additional layer to keep you comfortable on breezier spring days.

The Sleeves

Sure, spring is synonymous with sunshine and fun times, but that doesn’t mean that it will be warm every day of the season. During the first few weeks, in particular, you may notice that some days feel more like winter than spring. Although you may not want to wear a coat or a thick sweater on those days, it’s a good idea to warm up with something that will provide a little more coverage than you might normally wear during the season. A long-sleeve polo shirt has the innate ability to pair well with almost any bottom piece in your closet. Try it with a pair of simple black pants and step into flats for an easy and reliable look. Or tuck a long-sleeve polo into a pair of women’s black jeans with wide legs. Finish with a pair of heels to add a little bit of extra height. You’ll love the way the casual piece plays so well into a dressier look.

The Right Style

When choosing the absolute best polo shirt for your spring wardrobe, always keep comfort at the forefront of your mind. The right top should fit like a dream without constricting movement. If you’re generally active, opt for something made with a material that pulls moisture from your skin so that you stay as cool, dry, and comfortable as possible. Finally, spring means color! Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades you might not usually wear. Your new polo will instantly become a timeless favorite you’ll wear for years to come.


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