How to Dress for a Spring/Summer Date Night

How to Dress for a Spring/Summer Date Night

Spring and summer are good seasons for fashion. Why? You don’t have to worry about bundling up in layers to stay warm, and you can fill your wardrobe with bright, summery clothes and fun floral prints. Both of these things make for great date night outfit options, too. There are many options when it comes to your date-night outfit in the spring and summer months. Dresses, skirts, and breezy tops lend themselves well to a romantic night out with your partner or on a first date.

Here are some go-to outfits for all of your spring and summer date needs, whether you’re going on an outdoor date, a dinner date, or even a friend date.

Go for a Black Dress

Black dresses are a go-to date night option, whether it’s a first date, second, or ten-year anniversary. They’re classic and appropriate for nearly any date activity. Wear a black maxi dress with a bright cardigan for a night at the movies. For a fancy dinner, wear a fitted black dress with a pair of your favorite heels. A black dress can be easily worn all throughout the spring and summer months, just don’t pick a dress in a heavy fabric that will make you sweat.

In other words, you’ll want to save the sweater dresses and wool dresses for winter. Instead, go for jersey dresses and cotton dresses in spring and summer.

Try a Floral Print

Floral prints are truly meant for the spring and summer—plus they’re fun and flirty for date night. Get yourself some clothing in floral prints. Depending on your style, you can get floral tunic tops, floral skirts, floral dresses, or a floral-printed purse. The options are endless.

A floral print on a spring or summer date is a fun way to bring in the season while also adding an element of whimsy to your outfit. Wear a floral tunic to a date-night happy hour. Or wear your favorite floral skirt with a white tank top and denim jacket on a date to a local museum. No matter what floral-printed item you choose, your date will be pleasantly surprised by your smile-inducing outfit.

Dress Up a Chambray Shirt

When worn tucked into a fitted skirt, chambray shirts can be a great option for dates. They’re casual yet cool and different than a typical button-down shirt. Plus, chambray shirts are versatile. Wear them tucked into a pencil skirt for a modest-yet-cool look that would look just as good at a brunch date as it would at a night at the theater. Or, wear your chambray tucked into a leather (or fake leather) skirt for an edgy look that’s ideal for a date night at a concert or evening wine tasting.

Plus, chambray shirts are breezy—the material is light and the sleeves easily roll up (which can be a fun look in itself) if the humidity starts to hit.

Slip-on Some Shorts

Shorts may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a date night outfit, but with the right pairings, shorts are an ideal piece of clothing to wear on a spring or summer date. Women’s shorts range from dressed-up chinos that look great when worn with a tucked-in tunic and a pair of sandals to denim shorts that are ideal for a date night at the ballpark. Whatever shorts you pick, just be sure to wear them with a pair of stylish sandals or slip-on shoes and a fun t-shirt or tunic—tops in patterns like stripes and paisley look especially good with a pair of solid-colored shorts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Leggings

With later sunsets and warmer nights, it’s possible that your partner wants to spend date night outside doing a fun activity like going for a walk, sunset kayak, or an evening hike. If that’s the case, be sure to dress the part. Wear your favorite women’s workout pants and a cute athletic t-shirt or tank top, and get ready to conquer the evening. When picking your outfit for an outdoorsy night out, be sure to pick something that’s stylish and put together—not those raggedy leggings that have been a workout staple for years.

You can finish the outfit off with a cute baseball hat and a pair of cool athletic shoes. See? Now you look stylish and ready for an adventurous date.

Dressing up for date night in the spring and summer is easy. Just go for outfits that are breezy, bright, and fun. After all, it is a fun time of year. Most important, though? Be sure to wear something that makes you feel your best.


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