Best Spring Coats for Women

The Best Spring Coats for Women

Spring is still jacket season and it’s an important time to make sure you have all you need to meet the unexpected weather patterns that often make up the season. You’ll need a few go-to spring jackets in your closet to reach for throughout March, April, and May—some of which you may already have.

Ready to get shopping? Check out the best spring coats for women below.

A Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is a spring no-brainer: the season is rainy, wet, and requires a rain jacket more often than not. Lands’ End has many women’s rain jackets, whether you’re looking for a rain jacket in a bright color to combat those gray skies or a more understated rain jacket that could act as a spring jacket on non-rainy days as well.

When shopping for a rain jacket, make sure you get one you’ll be excited to wear on a rainy day—it’ll make the gloomy day that much better. Before you start shopping, decide if you’re in the market for a long rain jacket, a hip-length rain jacket, a trench coat, or something else. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed by jacket options when you begin shopping.

A Barn Coat

Barn coats are effortlessly classic. They’re preppy without being too preppy and can be worn all throughout the spring months thanks to their light nature and ability to go with nearly anything in your closet. Get yourself a barn coat for spring in whatever color speaks most to you. Keep in mind that barn coats are most commonly tan, dark green, or brown, but can come in other colors, too.

While this coat is versatile, it's best when worn with pants instead of a dress or skirt. Once you have your barn coat, wear it with a pair of lightweight spring pants or your trusty jeans. You can even wear it with a pair of black leggings and sneakers when you’re looking for a super comfortable spring outfit.

A Jean Jacket

Get yourself a jean jacket to wear over your favorite maxi dress for a springtime look that’s great for everything from a picnic with your family to happy hour with your girls. During the spring months, a jean jacket provides that extra layer you need and is also an instant style solution if you are looking to add something extra to your outfit.

For an ultra-cool look, shop for a jean jacket with some distressed details like holes or patches. Whether your jean jacket is distressed or polished, it’ll easily go with your maxi dress, capri pants and tunic look, and is versatile enough to throw over your women’s t-shirts. Whatever you do, just don’t wear your jean jacket with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, that look is always a fashion faux pas.

A Pastel-Colored Coat

When shopping for your new spring coats, keep in mind what colors look best during the spring months. Pastel colors are always in for spring and you can lean into the trend by getting yourself a pastel-colored coat for the season. Pastel coats may be harder to find than their black, white, cream, and navy alternatives, but you’ll likely be able to find pastel-colored trench coats, bomber jackets, rain jackets, and lightweight wool jackets.

A pastel-colored coat adds something unexpected to your outfit and can be used to add some excitement to a classic little black dress or an understated tee and jeans. Spring is the lone season where pastel-colored jackets make total sense, so be sure to embrace the trend.

A Leather Jacket

While leather may be normally synonymous with fall, the fabric also comes in handy during the springtime months. Purchase a leather (or faux leather) jacket in a light brown or cream for a spring take on the classic jacket (which is most associated with black leather). Your jacket will be warmer than most of the other spring jackets on this list but can be worn unzipped or unbuttoned to allow for airflow.

Wear your leather jacket to work with a pencil skirt, white button-down top and a pair of heels. If you’re looking for something less dressy, wear it with a white t-shirt tucked into a pair of high-rise jeans with a pair of slip-on loafers.

It’s important to have a variety of spring jackets in your collection. You need options for the weather and your daily to-do list—plus, it’s a fun thing to have some jacket options to finish off your spring outfit.


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