Best Accessories for Spring

The Best Accessories for Spring

The best way to change up any outfit is by infusing it with different accessories, whether that’s headbands, earrings, purses, or scarves. In the spring, accessories get even more fun than usual thanks to the return of bright colors and floral prints. There are many ways to infuse a sense of spring into any outfit with the addition of your go-to springtime accessories. Here are the best accessories to wear this spring.

Colorful Bags and Purses

Whether your preference is to carry a purse or a tote, spring is the time to add a pop of color to your day-to-day look. It’s easy to find a purse or canvas tote bag in a fun, bright color. In fact, our Lands’ End tote bags come in bright floral prints, striped options, and solid colors like red. A bright purse or tote is one of the easiest accessories to add to your wardrobe. You can save the bright-colored item for fun outings with friends or make it a daily accessory that you take with you to work, on trips, and on errands.


While sunglasses are nice all year round, they’re especially necessary during the spring and summer months when the sun is out for longer and the days are sunnier. When putting on your favorite pair of capri pants and tunic top for a spring day out, make sure you grab some sunglasses, too.

Attention-Grabbing Earrings

If you’re one of the many people who mostly interact with your coworkers through Zoom, spend some time shopping for attention-grabbing earrings to wear this spring. This way, your earrings will be prominent enough to be seen through video calls while also adding a bit of sparkle to your day, too. When shopping for bold earrings, look for dangly earrings in a bright color or earrings in a statement metal design. All in all, your attention-grabbing earrings should go with your work dresses or white button-down top.

Whatever day you decide to wear your attention-grabbing earrings, go for an outfit that isn’t too loud. You may want to try a simple white top or a navy or gray dress.

Cotton Cardigans

While not an accessory, per se, cotton cardigans are a necessary item to have on-hand when dealing with the up and down temperatures of spring. Mornings often start out pretty cold in the spring months, with days warming up. In other words, you’ll want your cotton cardigan handy for your commute to work or for morning school drop-off.

To fit in with the spring vibe, go for a cotton cardigan in a bright color or a pretty pale color like pink or yellow.

Floral-Printed Accessories

Spring is a time for all things floral, and we don’t just mean the blooming flowers in gardens and parks throughout your town. Springtime accessories that are decorated with floral prints are an ideal item to wear with your favorite maxi dress. Try a linen floral scarf or a necklace decorated with floral-shaped beading. Or, go for a pair of floral-printed fashion sneakers or a hair clip with a flower design.

When it comes to spring, there can never be too many floral items in your wardrobe—just be sure to wear one at a time, so your look doesn’t get overwhelming.

Cool Headbands

A fun headband can take any outfit to the next level, and headbands are very on-trend right now. For the spring, get yourself a few brightly colored headbands or headbands in cute prints like gingham or leopard to wear with your normal spring wardrobe. With the addition of this simple item, your outfit will instantly feel more special. Headbands can be worn with really any outfit (just make sure you don’t pair a loud outfit with a loud headband) and for any occasion. There are headbands that are dressy enough for a work meeting and headbands that will help pull your outfit together for a day of local shopping.

Best of all? Headbands help hide bad hair days and can even extend your no-wash style an extra day.

Colorful Nail Polish

With budding trees, warmer weather, and a general brighter outlook, spring is a time when colorful nail polish should be fully embraced. Whether you’re a red nail polish lady or a purple nail polish kind of gal, let your most colorful nail polish options shine in the spring months. Slip-on your women’s yoga pants and have yourself an at-home nail spa day. Or, if you’re feeling like that's too much effort, head out to your local salon for a manicure.

Spring is an ideal season for embracing exciting and colorful accessories. Plus, as the days get warmer and the nights stay lighter longer, you’ll likely find yourself with more social commitments to show off your favorite springtime accessories.


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