Best Slimming Swimsuits for Women Over 60

Best Slimming Swimsuits for Women Over 60

Shopping for a new swimsuit can be an overwhelming experience for many of us for many different reasons. These feelings of overwhelm can increase as we get older and as our bodies continue to change, season after season.

But rest assured, swimsuit season may indeed be right around the corner, but so is this handy guide to slimming swimsuits, made just for you. Read on for the best slimming women’s swimsuit styles for women over 60, including swimwear accessories, and how to style them all for a look that is 100% you.

Classic Black Swimwear

Black may not be the first color you think of when you consider what type of swimsuit to buy for the bright, sunny season. But, just as black is super-slimming and ultra-flattering when worn as a little black dress for date night, so is a solid black swimsuit.

The best slimming swimsuits are typically darker in color. This is intentional. Darker colors simply absorb more light and minimize shadows, to add contour and an overall slimming effect in all the right areas. If black just isn’t your summer vibe, consider other darker colors such as navy blue or a deep maroon. Be mindful of designs and embellishments, as some patterns can create the opposite of a slimming effect. Stick to solid colors, diagonal lines, and smart geometric shapes (more on this below).

Colorblock Two Pieces for Minimizing the Waist

Two pieces are certainly not off the table when considering solutions for swimwear for women over 60. Much in the way that darker colors will minimize certain features, consider that lighter colors will also enhance other features. Many two-piece swimsuits will use this fact to their advantage with color-blocking. In addition to bright colors and geometric shapes being en vogue right now, these blocky styles can be used to create illusory slimming effects on the wearer.

Colorblocked two pieces will typically have blocks of darker colors at the top (near the neckline) and at the bottom (at the crotch or thighs) and feature lighter blocks of color around the ribs and waist. This creates an overall slimming effect and enhances a feminine pear-shaped figure. This slimming and enhancing color-blocking style can be found in bikinis as well as sporty tops and high-waisted swim shorts.

Tankinis and Swim Skirts

Tankinis are a favorite swimsuit choice for women over 60 and for good reason! These cute tops are super comfortable and easily cover tummies without making you feel constricted. Unlike maybe style trends which may come and go, tankinis have never gone out of style and are always easy to find and purchase.

Another great solution swimwear piece that tends to be increasingly popular as we get older, is the swim skirt. Comfortable, cute, and highly wearable, swim skirts can be found in all types of lengths, colors, and styles so you can maintain your personal style even while at the beach or the pool. Swim skirts can be fitted and slimming, or they can be floral, frilly, and fun. These pieces can also easily be paired with a style swim top, so you can mix and match your separates as you please.

High-Waisted and Tummy-Control Swimsuits

One swimsuit trend that we absolutely love right now is the revival of the 1950s high-waisted swim bottoms. Simultaneously slimming and figure-enhancing, this high-waisted cut looks great on every body type. Pair these bottoms with a fitted halter top bikini or tankini for a modestly chic and elegant beach vibe.

These high-waisted bottoms aren’t the only tummy-control swimsuits though. Specially designed tummy-control swimsuits come in beautifully flattering one-piece designs, cute cap-sleeved swim tops, swim skirts, swim shorts, and more.

Cover-ups and More

What do you wear when you’re not in the water, though? A swimsuit cover-up of course. Many cover-ups are also specially designed to be flattering on diverse bodies, but some styles are naturally flattering on any body.

A simple maxi dress, for example, is a fantastic post-beach cover-up option for anybody, but especially for women looking for a bit more coverage and who want a bit more modesty. Another wonderful example of a potential beach cover-up that you may already have in your closet is a linen tunic top. Both of these options are going to provide nearly full coverage while also being light, breezy, and easy to wear in the warm summer weather. Pack a snack and some sunscreen, throw on your summer sandals, and you’re ready to go.

Remember that the best swimsuit for you is the one you are most comfortable in!


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