5 Best Sleepwear for Hot Sleepers

5 Best Sleepwear for Hot Sleepers

We all know that icky feeling of waking up in the middle of the night or early morning sticking to damp sheets and pajamas. Whether you’re trying to get some shut-eye in hot weather or are just a hot sleeper, you need to make sure you have the right sleepwear to keep you comfy and cool. Studies have shown that overheating at night can prevent the right kind of deep sleep your body needs for rest, restoration, and relaxation. So wearing the right sleepwear isn’t just about feeling and looking good, it’s also essential for your overall health and well-being.

While sleeping in your birthday suit is the ideal solution, bare-bummed sleeping isn’t for everyone. When you choose sleepwear that will help you stay comfortable and cool at night, you set yourself up for success and a good night’s sleep. The best pajamas to keep you cool and cozy will be airy, breathable, lightweight, and loose fitted. Although it may seem obvious, it’s also important to choose sleepwear that offers less covering, such as shorts instead of pants or sleeveless instead of long-sleeved. We've put together our list of top sleepwear picks for hot sleepers as well as tips for choosing the best pajamas for breezy sleeping at night.

The Right Fit and Material

Perhaps you’re certain that after 2020 you’ve become a pro at hanging around or going to work-from-home wearing your favorite set of pajamas. While you may be an expert now on daytime pajamas, nighttime pajamas are a whole other ballgame. Daytime pajamas need to be comfortable and cozy for wearing around the house, making choices like flannel or your snuggly flannel robe a great pick. While flannel is a great choice for daytime pajama wear or those cold winter nights, hot sleepers or summer sleeping needs a different approach for ultimate comfort.

Material is key when looking for the perfect pair of women’s pajamas to keep you cool and comfortable at night. Materials like cotton, bamboo, modal, and linen are some good options. Bamboo especially tends to be both moisture-wicking and breathable, while cotton and linen are known for their breathability and luxurious feel. Avoid materials like flannel, fleece, polyester, and silk. While these materials are amazing for cooler nights or just lounging luxuriously around the house, they are not as breathable or lightweight as the other materials mentioned and tend to make for stickier sleep.

Fit is also key when choosing the right sleepwear for dozing off. While some tighter-fitted sleepwear may look great for hanging around the house on Sunday morning, these options tend to cause overheating. Be sure to choose sleepwear that is loose, airy, flowy, and allows for full ranges of motion. Tighter-fitted sleepwear is less breathable and can cause you to more easily break into a sweat.


Nightgowns are time-tested classics when it comes to comfortable sleepwear. In fact, they are so great for sleeping, it used to be common for men to wear nightgowns too! The design of nightgowns is wonderful for hot sleepers because there is so much space for airflow and breathability. Opt for a cotton nightgown for maximum airflow and breathability. With an open bottom like a billowy summer dress and a variety of necklines and sleeve lengths to choose from, nightgowns are our top choice for hot sleepers or summer sleeping.

Sleep Shirts

Sleep shirts are like your favorite T-shirt specifically designed for a good night’s sleep. Cotton sleep shirts in particular are ideal for the hot sleeper or those hot summer nights. Loose, comfortable, airy, and breathable sleep shirts are great for that perfect night’s sleep. You can also choose a style that is sleeveless for even more bared skin and airflow. Cotton is a great fabric choice for sleep shirts, but linen and bamboo also make for comfortable sleeping.

Sleep Sets

Sleep sets are sleepwear choices that look as good around the house as they feel between the sheets. Sleep sets are essentially like a regular set of pajamas but with less fabric. Sleep sets will generally include a combination of shorts or capris with a camisole or T-shirt to match. While we all love the look of silky and lacy pajama sets, for optimal sleep we recommend something a little more minimal.

Choose a sleep set style that’s comfortable for you with a fabric like cotton, linen, or bamboo that will ensure you don’t overheat at night. We also recommend skipping the lace, which can rub uncomfortably on the skin and can contribute to overheating.


Nighties are a cute name for a different take on nightgowns. Nighties are perfect for those who easily get hot at night. With spaghetti straps, a short hemline, light fabric, and enough wiggle room for ample airflow, a nightie is one of our top picks for what to wear to stay comfortable and cool while you sleep.

You can throw on a women’s robe over your nightie in the morning before going downstairs, making it a seamless sleepwear piece that you don’t need to change out of before jumping out of bed to face the kids.

Get Creative

If you are a hot sleeper and are in dire need of some respite, or you're just on a tropical vacation and didn’t bring the right sleepwear for the job, feel free to get creative. Wearing a simple loose-fitted women’s cotton tank top with pajama shorts can easily take the place of a sleep set for the time being. Also, take your favorite lightweight sarong or breathable beach wrap and wear it to sleep for the optimal hot weather sleep experience. You’ll feel like an island queen!

If you are a hot sleeper or are anticipating some hot summer nights, be sure you have the right sleepwear to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Sweet dreams!


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