Best Sleepwear for Fall

Best Sleepwear for Fall

When it comes to choosing the best women’s pajamas for fall, you’ve got plenty of options. Fall’s cooler nights make it one of the best seasons for snuggles. However, the temps in the fall can fluctuate quite rapidly depending on where you live. It’s always best to have a variety of sleepwear for the autumn season. That way you’ll be cozy no matter what the weather is like.

Breathable and Lightweight for Balmy Fall Nights

For those early fall nights, when the evenings are still balmy, you’ll want a pair of lightweight comfy shorts for women to get a relaxing snooze. Think shorts with a drawstring and a camisole for maximum comfort. Choose soft fabrics that also breathe, such as cotton and linen, to wear when curling up at night. You can even opt to use your summer sleepwear if your location is experiencing a second summer, which is when warmer summer temps return during the autumn. If you find that you’re still feeling a little cool, consider PJ pants that are flowy but still lightweight. Use comforters at night to add and subtract warm layers to help regulate your body temperature without having to shed clothing while you rest.

Snuggly and Perfect for the Late Fall Chill

Chilly fall nights call for snuggly, warm pajamas. You may not need to bust out the fleece and flannel quite yet, but as the temperatures start to drop, wearing pants and long sleeves to sleep gives you an added layer of warmth without being overkill. Alternatively, you can opt to wear a longer comfy dress made for sleeping, such as a nightgown or other type of sleepwear. The benefit of wearing a sleep dress in fall is that you still have plenty of air movement to keep you cool, but there’s enough coverage to add a layer of warmth if needed. In the mornings, when the temps are the coolest for the day, just throw on a sweatshirt so you can snuggle up and stay cozy until you’re ready to get out of bed.

Comfy for Relaxing in the Evening

After a long day of work, it’s nice to relax and unwind by changing into your favorite at-home outfits. To feel relaxed, your body needs to be at just the right temperature. Once the sun starts to dip behind the horizon, temperatures drop more quickly than they do in summer; therefore, layering up is key. Comfy sweats, yoga pants, and other comfortable clothing keep you warm but also feel cozy during fall. Wearing your favorite tee underneath a zip-up hoodie lets you stay warm and you can add slippers if you'll be getting out of bed. Simply, shed the hoodie and slippers to get cool. When you layer up, you can enjoy your evening and then shed the top layer (or two) before going to bed. Given that you can add or subtract covers throughout the night as needed, wearing less clothing to bed in the fall is typically better.

Day-to-Night Loungewear

Okay, so we’ve all had days where we just want to lounge around and do as little work as possible. And yes—we’ll admit—sometimes that means not even bothering to change your clothing! Don’t think your clothes can’t do double duty. Of course, you can sleep in women's loungewear if you’re just having one of those extra-lazy days. There are no rules when it comes to what you should wear to bed, so if you just don’t want to put in the effort or you’re looking to double up on your clothing’s versatility, choose the perfect cozy tank top and lounge pants that you would be totally content sleeping in. Whatever you want to wear to bed is absolutely fine; just follow your intuition.

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Rest in Fall

Fall can be a tricky time to get great sleep. It’s too hot for the heater and too cool for the air conditioner. Sometimes vast temperature swings occur, and it can be tough to judge which bedding will work. But for all the things that make sleeping in the fall a challenge, there are benefits too. Moderate temperatures mean you can sleep with the windows open and let the cool, fresh air cascade over you at night.

When it gets too chilly, just wrap an extra blanket around you for added warmth, and wear a robe if you get out of bed. In addition, nights can still be pleasant, meaning you’ll still be able to relax outdoors before heading to bed. Also, the days are getting shorter, which means it feels easier to squeeze 8 hours of rest into a long night. Your body’s natural rhythm and your personal temperature preferences may even prefer gentle fall nights.

No matter how you decide to dress for sleep, always choose clothing that’s breathable, comfortable, and lets you snuggle up like a bug in a rug. Keeping a variety of sleepwear for fall lets you dress for the weather and get the most out of your nighttime ritual.


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