The Best Work Skirts for Business Women

The Best Work Skirts for Business Women

The best skirts for work are stylish, well-made, and comfortable enough to keep you feeling great throughout the workday. Have the confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best with these versatile women's work skirt options.

Find the Perfect Skirt Length for Work

Unless you work at a job that allows you to wear what you want, you can choose a skirt that falls just above the knees. This length can work for spring or summer, especially for casual workplaces. A business skirt that falls at the knees or longer is a great choice for some workplaces as well. There are lots of options, one of which is a knee-length skirt, though there are also calf and ankle-length styles to choose from. You can pair them with a variety of shirts and blouses to create fashionable work outfits.

Savvy Skirt Styles for Work

Besides length, the style of the skirt itself is also important for creating a professional appearance. Popular skirt styles that can work well for offices and other places of business include:

Fabulous Skirt Fabrics for Your Job

The material also comes into play. You want your skirt to help you look your best, but you also want to be comfortable throughout your day, too. Look for options that resist wrinkles, hold up well over time, and are designed to look smart while being comfortable. Options include:

Skirt Designs, Colors, and Prints

Because so many modern workplaces have adopted smart casual or business casual dress codes, it makes it easier than ever for you to have options in their career attire. In many cases, you can take your pick among your favorite colors, skirt designs, and prints to showcase a polished, put-together look for work. A few simple tips to remember in choosing skirt design and colors for work include:

  • Prints, especially subtle or classic ones like stripes, plaid, polka dots, can look wonderful for work. Just be careful not to pile on too many prints at once. If your work skirt is in a print, choose a matching print or other solid pieces to coordinate it with.
  • Neutral colors can be a go-to option for work that saves time. Skirts that come in gray, navy, black, white, charcoal, cream, and other neutrals can pair with almost anything in your closet to help you put together outfits quickly on busy mornings. Try throwing on a khaki skirt with a solid color top or a black skirt with a bright color blouse.
  • Seasonal prints, like florals in spring or summer or Fair Isle prints in winter, can also be worn for work. Choose classic solid-color pieces to complement your look and let the skirt print stand out.
  • Skirts with color can also work for the office. Classic bright colors, deep jewel tones, and pretty pastels can work with items like a crisp women's white blouse and polished sweater sets or cardigans you already have in your closet. Some colors, like neons and metallics, however, are best reserved for casual wear. Keep it classy, and you can still pull off your favorite colors on the job.
  • Skirt designs can be fun as well as functional, even for work. Flowy fabrics, comfortable skorts, and dressed-up denim can be worn in many environments—just make sure to check the specific dress code guidelines for your workplace if you are unsure about a particular skirt style.

Wearing Work Skirts That Work for You

No matter what field you are in, your busy workdays demand a great look that allows you to stay focused on your agenda. From the overall style and fabric to the smaller details of print and design, spend some extra time choosing skirt styles that make you look and feel your best during the workday.


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