Best Ski Clothes for Women

Best Ski Clothes for Women

Planning a ski trip this year? Lucky you! If you're ready to hit the ski lodge and ski slopes in style this winter, look no further. But just because you're heading to higher altitudes doesn't mean you have to run out and stock up on a whole new winter wardrobe. Thankfully, with a few cold-weather staple items, you'll be ready for the mountains in no time.

When preparing for a ski trip, you'll want to look for slimline clothing items that also lock in warmth so you can still be flexible on the slopes, yet stay comfortable and cozy. Also, as with any other athletic activity, the ability to take off layers when things warm-up is always a nice plus. This can also help you adapt to whatever environment you may face, whether it's speeding down a slope outside or cozying up at the lodge by the fire.

Here's our list of the best ski clothes for women that you need for your next ski trip! It includes everything from fleece-lined leggings to winter parkas and women's snow boots.

Women's Sweaters

When it comes to the cold weather, be sure to pack a couple of women's sweaters to withstand the freezing temperatures. You can opt for an ultra-luxe sherpa pullover for a more cozy look or a more sporty slimline fleece sweater to layer underneath coats and jackets. Sweaters are the perfect attire for a ski trip as they offer the added comfort of warmth, with the ability to take them off and wrap them around your waist or slip them into a bag when things heat up or you head inside.

Choose from a sporty look or a traditional, classic style like a cable knit sweater—just keep in mind, you'll want to wear something more body-hugging when you're actually skiing to be more lightweight so you're able to move your entire body around.


Turtlenecks may be the best addition to any woman's ski-ready wardrobe. Their full coverage makes them perfect for when you're battling the wind and protecting your neck from icy chills and cold temperatures. Better yet, they are often slimline and tailored, so they fit close to your body, locking in warmth under other layers.

Turtlenecks come in a variety of colors, so you can choose from a sleek solid that goes virtually undetected to wear under coats and other sweaters, or a brighter, more vibrant color or pattern that stands out for when you are headed indoors and are likely to shed your layers. Pair your turtleneck with a sweater or a ThermoPlume®-insulated vest for a look that is sporty while keeping your core nice and warm.


The holy grail of winter wonderland musts for women has to be leggings. These ever-so-comfortable bottoms allow for extra flexible movement while also adding a warm layer. Wear leggings by themselves with a sweater and coat for when you're ready to ski. Or, for extra cold temperatures, layer them under more heavy pants like jeans for an ultra-warm bottom half. Leggings come in all colors, textures, and patterns, and some are even lined with flannel or fleece for those extra cold days. Perfect for more active adventures, leggings have an elastic waistband that makes bending and moving around easy, plus the tapered legs allow you to slip your feet into high boots without any struggle!

Women's Winter Parkas

For days when you want to be extra warm, a winter parka is the ultimate in outerwear. You'll love the waterproof features and extra layer of down-filled or down-alternative insulation in these cozy winter coats. However, the streamlined silhouette is a favorite in women's classic winter wear. Available in colors from navy blue to black or neutral tan, these winter parkas are perfect for hitting the slopes or for simply layering up in colder temperatures. They are also hardy against the elements with features designed to stand up against rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Women's waterproof ski jackets are a must if you plan on spending a lot of time on the slopes. Added details like faux-fur trimmed hoods and lined pockets make these coats perfect for a stylish winter season. Bundle up in a winter parka with layers of sweaters and leggings tucked inside cozy snow boots. Can you say ski chic?

Women's Snow Boots

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the snow with icy toes. We've all been there—a little moisture soaks inside, and suddenly your feet are turning into ice cubes. Lock out any moisture, snow, and cold with snow boots, a must-have for any ski trip. Designed with a rough grip rubber sole to prevent any slips, snow boots are intended for slick steps. Look for a sealable gutter so that as you're skiing or trekking through the snow, no unwanted snow or sleet makes its way inside your boot, leaving your feet uncomfortably wet and cold.

Additionally, snow boots may be lined with fleece or sherpa for an ultra-warm and cozy footbed, leaving you comfortable from your head to your toes, literally! Extra details like reflective piping and fun colors make snow boots stand out, and you can choose a pair that matches most with your ski ensemble, whether it be bright pink or a classic neutral. Slip your favorite pair of leggings inside hardy snow boots for a complete look.

From snow blizzards to snow mountains, a wardrobe built from the best women's ski wear will have you looking polished and put together whether you're hitting the slopes or not this ski season.


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