Best Shorts for Lounging Around the House

Best Shorts for Lounging Around the House

Days at home mean living as cozy and comfy as possible. Summertime brings sweltering temps, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get outside and curl up with your favorite book in your own backyard for an evening at home. This list of the best shorts for staying at home keeps you cool, comfortable, and happy.

Form Fitting

Women's shorts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you like to feel the material on your skin, opt for short-cut leggings or bike shorts. These shorts are designed to move with you. From that important video conference call to your at-home yoga practice, this style of shorts transitions seamlessly from work to play. With stretchy, synthetic fabrics, virtually any design is possible, leaving you with endless options to sport your personal style. Opt for a short or long fit depending on your preference. 

Loose Fits

Looser, almost swishy shorts are an excellent choice for lounging around the house. Not quite PJ shorts, but a close second, these relaxing shorts bring a relaxed approach to the day. They are typically a little shorter (think mid-thigh or higher) and feature a wide elastic waistband. Reminiscent of a calm day at the beach, these shorts bring the cool breeze and low-key vibes to your look. As a perfect companion for simply lounging around the house, they are a fan favorite for a day at home. Not to mention, there are several different patterns to choose from that fit any taste.

Bring the Beach to Your Doorstep

Keep the ocean vibes coming with a lineup of women’s Bermuda shorts that bring tropical vibes to your gams. Bermuda shorts make for an excellent all-around shorts style thanks to their length. Perfect for spending the day tending to the garden or simply enjoying some time on the couch, Bermuda shorts suit any occasion. Their longer length means you can move with ease and confidence, while the bold colors and prints bring your own sense of style to your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the office or dressing up for just yourself, long shorts are a perfect choice.

Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

Women’s jeans never go out of style and shorts are no exception. Opt to wear a comfy pair of jean shorts around the house. The best jean shorts have a bit of give and stretch, so they move when you do. Cut your favorite old pair of jeans to give them a new life, or purchase jean shorts that fit your personal style. The high waistline is in style this season, but a classic cut with cuffed legs never goes out of fashion. The best part about these classics is they go with virtually anything from your favorite old tank top to a cute blouse that’s perfect for hosting a few friends.

Corduroy Classics

Lightweight corduroy shorts make the perfect around the house companion. These light, yet textured shorts feel luxurious as well as cozy. In the summer, you don’t want thick shorts that trap the heat. Instead, opt for light-textured corduroy shorts that keep you looking your best while letting the breeze in.

Relaxed Fit Workout Wear

If you’re just hangout out around the house and want to feel cozy, then why not wear your favorite pair of basketball or running shorts? Athletic shorts that don’t hug your body are designed to wick away sweat and keep your body cool. Not to mention, athletic shorts allow your body a full range of motion, meaning you won’t have any pesky pinching or tightness as you lounge around the house.

High Waist Wonders

Lastly, high-waisted shorts are all the rage this year. The high waist lets you bend and move as you please, keeping you comfortable no matter how you’re relaxing at home. High-waisted shorts come in a variety of styles, from easy-going cotton to tight jeans. We recommend something that lets you move freely so you can relax and be comfortable. Choose your favorite colors and pair them with a basic tank for a low-key look that screams rest and relaxation. 

With an endless selection of styles and cuts, there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to wearing shorts at home. Choose the pair of shorts that best suits your style. If you try them on and smile, then chances are they are the right choice for you!


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