The Best Shoes to Wear with Women's Dresses

The Best Shoes to Wear with Women's Dresses

One of the best parts about dresses is that you only have two clothing elements to coordinate, while most other outfits have roughly double that. With a dress, you only have to figure out what shoes to wear, and you are ready to walk out the door. So, what are your shoe choices?

There are so many! When you have options, that means you have a ton of flexibility of expression and can find something uniquely you. Let's see what there is!


Let's start with shoes with no heel. These are fabulous for those who walk and stand a lot or who just like flats!

  • Converse-Style Shoes

Dresses are generally on the more formal side. So when you pair some informal shoes with a dress, the contrast is eye-catching! Converse-style shoes are excellent for walking and match well with fit-and-flare skater jersey dresses. Lace 'em and rock 'em!

  • Espadrilles

These are shoes with a distinctive piece of material covering the toe that's reminiscent of house slippers or very laidback loafers. Some come in a high-heeled style, but the original style is flat with coverage over the toe, heel, and along the sides of the foot. Comfortable and ranging from casual to semi-formal, these are great shoes to wear with a shirt dress or a shorter bohemian dress. Happy walking!

  • Ballerina Flats

These are the most elegant of flats. Closed-toed and inspired by ballet shoes, these work very well with the overall mood of a dress. The nicer ones can even be paired with full-length maxi dresses. Dance your way through your day with your dress of choice and your ballerina flats!

Flat or Raised

These are shoes that are sometimes flat and sometimes raised. At this point, most shoes are being made in almost every conceivable variety. But below are the kinds commonly found in both heeled and flat styles.

  • Sandals

Classic summer footwear, these are perfect for that beach date or boardwalk stroll in the sun. Strappy and cool, these shoes can be formal or informal, though they look best with summer dresses in correspondingly lighter materials. Don't forget your sunglasses!

  • Ankle Strap

There is something about an ankle strap shoe that just seems chic. Maybe it's the ballet shoe look, or maybe it's something else, but these shoes are an excellent dress match. These may have espadrille-like toes, peep toes, or sandal features, but all have a strap around the ankle. Pair with a midi dress or something shorter so you can show a little leg and show off your ankle straps.

  • Oxfords

These tend to be for colder weather and are staples of all academic fashion styles. Rock the intellectual look with a sweater dress, a satchel purse, and your favorite book in your arms. Happy reading!

  • Loafers

Classically flat or low-heeled and very formal, these can also be found in a block-heeled form. These shoes are very masculine and work-appropriate, so when paired with a work dress, they create an interesting contrast. Have fun shaking up your office in style!


These are some of the different kinds of heels and styles of shoes with heels. Very few dresses don't go with heels, so find the kinds you like and have fun making your different outfit combinations.

  • Kitten Heels

These are the smallest heel. Generally, kitten heels are low and thin and come in almost every type of shoe style you can think of. Great for work, sophisticated, and typically comfortable, use these shoes to dress up a casual dress or support a formal one. Lookin' cute, kitten!

  • Block Heels

These are usually held to be the most stable of all heels as the large block provides a lot of area for your foot to balance as you walk. These can be casual or formal, depending on the style of shoe. Boot styles with tread on the bottom tend to run more on the casual side, while block heels with a sandal and ankle strap style feel more formal and would look awesome with the airy patterned and floral dresses in lighter colors. See what you can put together!

  • Pumps

Classy shoes and a staple of any work wardrobe, pumps are often solid-colored — although you can also find them in a variety of prints — and come in many colors. Use a refined black to support a stylish work dress, or go for a bright color like red and make your shoes the focal point. Bam!

  • Wedges

If you were looking for flexibility, few shoes have the range that wedges do. The height and angle of the wedge can deliver a wide scope of possibilities in terms of outfits. Wear a flatter sandal wedge with a beach coverup or a higher sandal wedge to a beach wedding. A ballerina-style shoe with a low wedge heel is great for a sundress on a lunch date and a work dress at an event at the office, while velvet platform wedges with a peep toe might be appropriate for a little black dress at an art opening or an elegant museum. See where you can wear your wedge heels!

  • Stilettos

While technically, these mean any thin heel, what mostly comes to mind are the higher stilettos found in fashionable cities everywhere. These shoes shape the foot elegantly and can go with any kind of dress, from simple cotton dresses to special occasion dresses. Use them to elevate any kind of dress to new heights of style and femininity. These shoes were made for walking!

  • Platforms

These are the highest of all the heels with their platforms under the toe. These are great for appearing taller with an attitude. Grab a boosted and bedazzled pair and a short sheath dress to rock the club on a weekend, or choose a pair with ankle straps and a peep toe complete your special occasion dress for the upcoming gala. Très belle!

Now that you know the kinds of shoes you can put with your dresses, make up your own combinations and discover your own dress-and-shoe style! Happy matching!


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