Best Shoes to Pair With Comfy Clothes When Going Out

Best Shoes to Pair With Comfy Clothes When Going Out 

Lazy summer days and nights are perfect for going out wearing your most comfortable clothes. But what shoes pair well with comfy clothes? Lucky for you, comfy casual chic is the trend for this summer and there is a whole lot of footwear that will go quite nicely with your relaxing outfit. Here are some of the best shoes to wear this summer with all your comfy clothes when going out.    


Mules are classy and timeless. They come in so many different styles and designs that it’s hard to imagine not finding the perfect pair for you. Slip on some suede mules with your favorite sweatpants and let these shoes dress up your comfy pants. If you want to go the extra mile, opt for a pair of heeled mules that are still casual enough to match your comfy clothes but also sophisticated enough to dress up your “sweatshirt and jeans” look.  

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are perfect for summer. Summer is all about wearing cool, comfortable, lightweight, and versatile shoes, and canvas checks all those boxes. Whether you are wearing some classic sneakers, slip ons, or loafers, canvas shoes are perfect for pairing with your comfy outfit. Wear with, well, just about anything! But one of the best ways to wear canvas shoes is with some women's cropped pants and a loose blouse. This sporty but classic look will leave you feeling comfortable and chic no matter where you are going. 

Strappy Sandals    

Strappy sandals are one of the best summer go-to's and look amazing with almost everything. Choose a pair of natural-looking leather sandals and wear them with a stunning maxi dress for a trendy boho chic look. Maxi dresses are beautiful, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. A nice pair of strappy sandals can turn a very simple outfit into Greek goddess vibes. Wear some strappy sandals that wrap around the ankles with a pair of women's shorts and a flowy blouse to feel comfortable and look glamourous.    

Classic Sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable, versatile, and (thankfully) stylish. Consider wearing a classic pair of sneakers with a cotton dress. You will look stylish, chic, and down to earth. Sneakers also pair well with comfortable jeans or flowy lounge pants. If there is any year to get away with wearing sneakers with everything, it’s this year. So take full advantage and enjoy the comfy cushiness of your favorite sneakers. 

Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots are a perfect way to dress your comfy clothes up a little. Wear with leggings and a long tunic top for a classic and comfortable look. A great way to wear ankle boots in the summer is with a dress or a skirt. Ankle boots will easily dress up a midi skirt or summery dress without having to do much else. Keep it more casual by wearing flat boots, or give your outfit a little extra pizzazz by wearing a heeled ankle boot. Throw on a denim or linen jacket and you’re good to go! 

Colorful Flats

Summer footwear is fun because it gives us all an excuse to be excessively colorful. Colors and patterns are all the rage these days. Dress up just about anything with a pair of red flats that will make your whole outfit pop. Animal print or floral print flats will help to dress up and give an extra flair to even the simplest of comfy clothes outfits. Wear your favorite lounge pants with an off-the-shoulder cotton sweater and a pair of brightly colored flats for a simple outfit that is comfortable and stylish. 

Block Heels

Block heeled sandals are an easy and comfortable way to dress up a down-to-earth outfit. We love nudes and whites for summer, which go beautifully with comfortable white cotton pants or your favorite pair of leggings. Wear a pair of women's jeans with a white linen shirt and a pair of simple and chic block heeled sandals for the ultimate effortless yet stylish and comfortable look. Block heels are perfect for summer and are comfortable to wear. Choose a shorter heel for extra comfort, especially if you will be doing much walking. Also, if you’re going to a socially distanced outdoor party or barbeque, the block heels will make sure you don’t fall through the deck seams! 

Just because outfits are comfortable doesn’t mean they can’t also be glamorous. Pairing the right shoes with comfy clothes can pull a whole outfit together and either dress us up or keep us down to earth. Take advantage of the summertime to wear all your favorite shoes with your comfy clothes.


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