Best Schoolbags to Start the School Year

Best Schoolbags to Start the School Year

Have your kids start the school year on the right footing by giving them all the right gear. Staying organized and prepared is the key to success for any student, and high-quality school bags can help make it happen. Since there are diverse needs for students based on their grade level and academic interests, it’s important to get the right bag for your student. This is why there are backpacks in many different sizes and features to support kids throughout their academic track. To help you decide on the best one for your student, here are some top choices to start the school year with confidence.

Rolling Backpacks for All Ages

Who doesn’t want a set of wheels when there’s a lot to carry? Rolling backpacks can be worn on the back or rolled at an angle to take a load off when there’s especially demanding cargo. Whether it’s a school project or library day, having the option to roll your backpack instead of wearing it on your back frees you to haul as many items as your backpack can hold. This type of bag is also good for road trips, sleepovers, and it can act as an accessible carryon bag for a flight. When this backpack has a convenient front zipper compartment, you can reach all the items you need quickly as well.

Tech Bags for Older Kids

College-age and high school students are more dependent on technology than ever since note-taking on laptops has become part of normal classroom best practices. To keep their most vital accessories protected, make sure that they have a laptop backpack that has a padded compartment to protect laptops, tablets, and their corresponding accessories. 

Your kids will learn well in the digital age by keeping everything that they need to take notes, complete projects, and write papers close by. Having a computer available anytime can also help them make the most of their time. This is especially useful for college students who spend a lot of time away from their dormitories and high school kids who have study blocks where they can get plenty of work done with the right gear on hand.

Middle School Schoolbags for Growing Kids

Middle school is a dynamic time in a kid’s life in which new social and academic challenges emerge. To help your preteen navigate these years, make sure that their middle school backpacks can handle the added weight that comes with more books, homework, and school projects. Middle school kids are also held more accountable for bringing all their supplies from class to class, unlike elementary school where teachers keep most supplies in cubbies. Get your kids ready for their new academic adventure by upgrading their backpack size to meet the challenges coming their way. With the right gear, they will meet each day with the mindset to succeed.

Elementary Schoolbags

Elementary school kids are on the move and need plenty of gear to be comfortable at school all day long. Make sure that your child has a school bag that has enough room for gym shoes, a folder, a change of clothes, and library books. Their elementary school backpacks also work better when you can save space in creative ways such as clipping on a matching lunchbox. Though their teacher will most likely store items in their homeroom, elementary school kids gain independence and responsibility for their supplies as they get older. Stay on top of these changes by assessing how many items your child needs to bring to school and take home each day, and make the size changes accordingly. 

Preschool Backpacks

If it’s your little one’s first day in a school environment, you want to make sure that you set them up for success. The initial dive into a classroom can be daunting to little kids, so make it exciting by having them pick out their first schoolbag. Preschool bags are small and not meant to carry a lot, but are more there for the experience. Keep it fun by monogramming their name or favorite logo into the backpack to make it easily identifiable. While preschool teachers will be on top of each student’s supplies and preparedness, it’s good practice to keep your preschooler accountable for at least one school item. This gives them the stepping stones to be a successful elementary school student and beyond. 

Kids should start the school year right by getting the right backpack for their needs. Which one stands out to you as the best choice for your student?


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