The Best Sarong Bathing Suits for Women Over 40 With Tummy Control

The Best Sarong Bathing Suits for Women Over 40 With Tummy Control

Swimsuit season is here again and so are we! We have done the research for you and have the choicest tips and tricks for finding the best swimsuit for you this year. Many of us may find shopping for swimsuits to be a tedious and overwhelming task. This is especially true of women over 40 looking for specific swimwear solutions such as tummy control.

Shopping for swimwear doesn’t have to be a hassle, and can actually be fun! Let us help you take the stress out of swimwear this season. Here are the best bathing suit styles for women over 40.

What Is a Sarong-Front Bathing Suit?

Much like a sarong, which wraps around the front of the body, a sarong-front bathing suit is made with overlapping vertical layers over the torso. This not only helps control the tummy and waist, and keep the front of your swimwear tight, but it also creates a flattering slimming effect.

These fully lined suits with their stylish wrap-around design provide compression and comfortable support in all the right places so you can feel confident in your beach body. You can also easily pair one of these suits with a UV protective rash guard for extra coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Can I Wear a Traditional Sarong Wrap Over My Bathing Suit?

There are endless styles of swimsuit cover-ups, but one that never goes out of style is the sarong. A sarong is simply any length of thin cotton or cotton-like fabric that can be wrapped in various ways to be worn as a dress, cover-up, scarf, or skirt.

A great way to accentuate the tummy control on your swimsuit and create a flattering waistline with your cover-up is to wrap the sarong and tie it around the highest point of your waist. This will accent a feminine figure while also adding more flattening and slimming to your overall beachy summer look.

How Do Tummy Control Bathing Suits Work?

There are many kinds of tummy control swimsuits but most of ours use LYCRA® Xtra Life™ spandex which is incredibly durable and will maintain its look, feel, and tummy control hold for up to ten times longer than other similar swimsuits. Most of these styles include either diagonal layering of these swimsuit fabrics to create a firm but comfortable hold while creating an illusory slimming effect on the waist, or they are made with inner layers of support. Some tummy control swimsuits have both.

Skirts, belts, or other embellishments on tummy control swimsuits can also help enhance the waist while downplaying other features. A good tummy control swimsuit should make you feel gently supported, but never squished or uncomfortable.

Should I Get a Swim Skirt?

Another great swimwear option that is ever-popular among women over 40 is the swim skirt. Swim skirts are not only cute and fashionable, but also multi-purpose and highly functional. There are several styles and types of swim skirts, each with its own unique advantages.

Pleated or frilly swim skirts are great for hiding parts of our hips or upper thighs that may make us feel self-conscious, all while creating a fun and feminine summer style. Sporty, fitted swim skirts are great for extra hold and can help accentuate your figure while still providing gentle support. Swim skirts also come in all manner of lengths and cuts, so you can wear them both on and off the beach. Most swim skirts also provide excellent tummy control.

Do I Need a Full-Coverage Swim Top?

Also popular among the over-40 crowd in the summertime is a full-coverage swim top. While these don’t explicitly provide tummy control, more modest swimsuits with full-coverage tops can help women feel more comfortable and secure about going out in a swimsuit.

In addition to wanting the additional coverage for modesty’s sake, we also recommend a more full-coverage top for the added sun protection it provides. The neck and chest are among some of the most exposed and easily sun burnt and sun-damaged areas of the body, so adding an extra layer is a great way to protect your skin while having fun in the sun. From high-neck halter tops to long-sleeve tunic-style rash guards, there exists a full-coverage option for everybody.

Everybody deserves to feel good and have fun in the sun. We hope this swimwear guide gets you the swimwear you need to feel comfortable and beautiful while having fun catching some rays.


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