Best Robes to Wear When Getting Out of the Pool

Best Robes to Wear When Getting Out of the Pool

Whether you’re planning an epic getaway and have all of your vacation clothing picked out or if you’re venturing out to the backyard or the neighborhood pool, you’ll need a high-quality robe to wear when you’re lounging and done swimming.

While it may seem relatively straightforward — simply snap up the first robe that comes your way — there’s much more involved. The idea is to envelop yourself in cozy comfort so that you can quickly dry off and relax as the sunshine warms your skin. The right type of robe will provide that and more by contributing a spa-like experience through choosing the best fabric and style for you. What better reason to put some serious effort into finding just the right one for some poolside R&R?

The Cozy Factor

What sets the best robes apart from their counterparts? Think quality construction and soft fabrics. But while it’s simple enough to find styles that you like, you need to consider whether they’re appropriate for outdoor wear. The ultra-soft and comfortable flannel robes you reserve for chilly mornings during fall and winter aren’t quite what you want to wear when it’s blazing hot outside and you’ve just emerged from the pool.

When you think outdoor robes, think of pieces that offer the same type of high style and comfort you’d expect in an actual spa setting. They’re thick, plush, cozy, and soft. They’re typically constructed with a terry cloth fabric that feels decadent to the touch and that soaks up whatever moisture that remains on your skin after you dry off. Order a cool beverage or grab your water bottle, sink into your chaise lounge, and relax.

Complement Your Suit

It’s fun to shop for swimsuits, and you may have two or three or more that you plan to include in your rotation throughout the season. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect robe, use your bathing suits to help steer you in the right direction.

For example, if all of your suits are wildly colorful or patterned, then you might stick to a robe in a solid color to avoid clashing. If all of your suits share one or two similar tones, then you can draw on that to choose a robe that best matches each of them. When all else fails, you can stick with a classic terry cloth robe in white. It’s a standard style that looks great with everything, and it’s something that you can wear both by the pool and when you get out of the shower at home.

Experiment With Styles

Where poolside robes are concerned, you have more options than you might realize. If you’re a stickler for tradition and have a specific conventional style in mind, that will be easy to find. For a personal touch, consider having your initials embroidered on it.

If you like venturing from typical styles, swap your robe for a pseudo-robe — that is, something that offers the same cover-up advantages but doesn’t necessarily look like the customary robe. Cute beach cover-ups, for example, add a stylish twist to your poolside wardrobe. You can try a long-sleeve cover-up dress with a zip front to replicate the look of a robe, but with a more contemporary twist. Button-front cover-up shirts and flyway cover-up cardigans fill similar roles, yet offer a slightly different take on the look.

Opt for Cotton

The classics will never steer you wrong. A robe crafted of supple Supima® cotton looks both amazing and feels incredible to the touch. That’s key if you’re seeking something that you can wear from one spring and summer pool season to the next without fail. If that’s your goal, look for something relatively neutral in tone that you can throw on over everything from tankinis to bikinis.

Cotton robes make a seamless transition to the hotel room, too. You can comfortably head upstairs from the pool without worrying that you’re revealing too much skin. And you can throw it on over your suit even when you’re relaxing on the beach under your umbrella and want a little extra coverage. The beauty of cotton is that it’s timeless, so it’s destined to be a core part of your wardrobe, both at home and by the pool.

With the right robe at your disposal, you’ll always have something easy and quick to throw on over your suit after you go for a swim. Lightweight and effortless, these robes are practical to wear and easy to pack. You can’t go wrong.


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