Stylish Raincoats to Keep You Dry This Spring

Stylish Raincoats to Keep You Dry This Spring

Raincoats are a spring necessity that help you brave the elements without the bulk of winter coats. When shopping for raincoats, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, and style is one of them. Yes, staying dry can be stylish, too! With all the right features, stylish women's raincoats can leave you feeling and looking your best while also staying warm and dry.

Some important features to look at when buying a raincoat are its water resistance, weight, length, and other details such as hoods and fasteners. While all these features are not necessarily part of the “stylish” aspect of a raincoat, they are ultimately important to ensure the high functionality of a rain jacket. There’s no point in looking cute when you’re not feeling it, and we can assure you that you won’t be feeling cute if you’re soaked to the bone from some spring showers.

We’ve compiled our selection of the best raincoats that will keep you dry and stylish this season. The first thing to think about is, of course, where and how you are planning to wear this raincoat. Perhaps you’re a keen hiker or runner and want something compact and lightweight that will keep you dry while hiking or running. Maybe you want something to wear for your commute that is practical but sophisticated. Or perhaps you need something simple and cute to walk the dog in. Regardless of your reason for buying a new raincoat, there is a style for you that you will be confident and comfortable wearing.

Long Trench

Trench coats make some of the best women's raincoats of all time and are trés chic in every way. Leave it to the English to come up with such a suitable rain jacket style and the French to make it so chic and fashionable. From its humble military beginnings to becoming one of the most iconic fashion accessories of all time, trench coats are a pretty big deal. No one’s closet should be considered complete without one. Trench coats come in a variety of lengths and colors. A khaki knee length trench is a classic staple that can never steer you wrong. If you anticipate colder temperatures, then be sure to get a trench that has a thicker lining to stay extra toasty. Wear it anywhere and everywhere. Everyone should have one trench coat because these timeless beauties will never go out of style.

Squall Jacket

It’s called a squall jacket because it’s designed exactly for squalls and other harsh weather. The squall jacket has it covered. This functional jacket is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with durable insulation to keep you warm and a nylon shell to keep you dry. A squall jacket is as versatile as it is comfortable. These perfect winter-into-spring jackets work great as women’s raincoats, too. You will surely feel cozy tucked into the fleece lining when it’s raining outside. It’s perfect to wear for any occasion, from the mountains to the office. Nothing will get inside this rain jacket, especially with its handy hood.

Fisherman’s Raincoats

Feel like singing in the rain? This classic yellow fisherman’s slicker a heritage style of raincoat that is no longer reserved just for whalers. The rubberized cloth topper has been seen on the streets, not just on the docks. Its simple construction boasts a surprisingly strong shape and is also about as waterproof as it gets. Some traditionalists prefer to stick to the traditional “safety yellow” color, but if rubber duckie isn’t your style, there are many other colors available. While not the most insulated raincoat, it is an extremely lightweight and packable option that easily fits into your backpack. These classic raincoats are also unisex, so get a few for the whole family. Usually hooded with snap buttons and ventilation holes, you’ll love rocking this vintage design in a modern and stylish way.

The Important Details

Before purchasing a new raincoat, be sure to check in with some important details. Double-check its water resistance to find a resistance level that is best for you. Check if there is a hood and if it’s permanent or removable. See if there is a belt, though this is most definitely a personal comfort and style preference. Know what temperatures you will need to be prepared for so you can buy the right level of lining. If you buy a raincoat with less insulation, remember you can always wear a women’s fleece vest underneath for an extra layer of warmth.

Keeping all of this in mind, you are sure to purchase an amazing women's stylish raincoat that will keep you dry and stylish throughout spring.


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