The Best Raincoats for Women

The Best Raincoats for Women

The best women's raincoats combine function with flattering features that will help women power through the season in style. Women can find gorgeous styles that keep the wind and rain away with warm, fashionable designs.

Function Comes First

No matter how much a woman loves a rain jacket’s style and design, it really comes down to functionality first. That trendy piece that looks fabulous on the hanger but isn’t really designed to resist water may leave you drenched before noon. Take a good look at the labels on the rain jackets you are considering to make sure they truly have the waterproof and windproof features you need. Fully waterproof jackets will completely repel water –perfect for those huge downpours and perpetually rainy periods. Water-resistant jackets are also good choices, especially if you’ll only be out in the elements for a short time. It’s important to get the level of water resistance that you want and need in your jacket. Once you’ve established that a jacket will keep you dry when it rains, you can move on to the fun part – checking out the style and miscellaneous features to pair with items like your spring capri pants and polo shirts.

Look for a Flattering Cut

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to what design you like best, it’s a good idea to look for jackets that are designed with flattering styles. This can vary depending on the style for which you are looking. Some jackets are designed with a more sporty style and may be less fitted, while others have more darts and tailored lines for a sleek design. No matter what design you prefer, look for clean, solid stitches and shapes. Jackets that nip in slightly at the waist will create a fabulous look, while those with adjustable waist cords can help make the jacket look like it was designed just for you. The length will also come into play – ladies may look for styles that fall at the waist or hips, while tall styles will be designed with lengths that accommodate longer torsos. Make sure the jacket’s length feels comfortable for you and has a flattering look in which you’ll feel great.

Women’s Rain Jacket Style Details

Women should also look at the finer details on rain jackets when shopping.

Choose Chic Colors and Prints

Just because a women’s raincoat is functional doesn’t mean it can’t make the cut when it comes to fabulous style. Look at the different color and pattern options to decide what will look gorgeous with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

  • Beautiful bright colors – Bright colors have a lovely spring vibe and can feel energizing and optimistic.
  • Noteworthy neutrals – Classic neutrals like tan, navy, and white feel fresh yet soothing for spring, and they are so versatile they’ll work with any outfit, from shirt dresses to women’s chino pants. Choose colorful accessories when you want to add a splash to your look.
  • Marvelous metallics – Metallic raincoats like silver tones will create a sleek, stylish look.
  • Pretty prints – Look for great prints this season like checks, polka dots, and florals.
  • LBR – You can’t go wrong with basic black! Look for a stylish little black raincoat that you can turn to time and time again with any outfit.

Women’s Raincoats Are Fashionable (and Still Practical)

Stylish, warm raincoats aren’t a myth – you can find them in many different looks and colors. Combined with their practical function of warding off rain and wind, they keep you looking great wherever spring calls them.


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