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Best Raincoats for a School Field Trip

Kids love school field trips, but for those “rain or shine” field trips that promise to take place no matter what the weather calls for, parents sometimes have to do a little bit of preparation in case the weather forecast doesn’t cooperate. For example, a fun trip to the pumpkin farm can get a little soggy and muddy, even when there are only sprinkles in the forecast. If your little ones are due for a new raincoat this year, here are some of the best boy’s and girls’ rain jackets to have on hand for a school field trip.

Best Girls’ Raincoats

When shopping for a girls’ winter coat, don’t make the mistake of shopping without the input of your daughter. If she’s of school age, she might be more picky about her fashion choices than she was as a toddler. For example, if you come home with a bright pink raincoat for her and, as of yesterday, she no longer likes pink, you’re stuck either returning the coat and starting from square one or making her begrudgingly wear it while she gives you grief about it all season.

As far as style is concerned, there may not be as many to choose from as there are women’s raincoats, but there are still many options: trench coat, zip-up, plasticky non-insulated, parkas, and windbreakers. Ultimately, you’ll want one that can last from spring through fall, so pick one that will be useful and warm enough throughout those months. (Keep in mind that it gets colder when it rains, so you don’t want your little one to be shivering during her field trip, distracted from what she should be learning.)

Best Boys’ Raincoats

Boys' coats aren’t typically as difficult to choose as coats for girls but that’s not to say that your son won’t have a preference. There are two things to keep in mind when shopping for a boys’ raincoat. Number 1: Boys can shoot up in height like beansprouts, so it may be wise to get one that has a little extra length. Number 2: Color matters. Keep in mind that lots of other parents buy trusty black or blue coats. But if he takes his off and loses his in a pile of other black and blue coats, he might have a hard time identifying which one is his. Instead, opt for something with a design in it. It can still be darker in color, but at least he’ll be able to find it so it doesn’t get lost.

Rain Boots to Match

Kids love splashing in puddles. Sending your kid out in rainy weather and warning them not to splash is like sticking a piece of candy in front of them and telling them not to eat it. The key to shopping for rain boots for kids is to find a style that is easy for them to pull on and take off so they can put their normal shoes on when they get back to school. These days, there are lots of options to choose from, and some even have cute little handles that make them easy to tug on. Don’t forget to pack some extra socks too. Wet socks can make for a long, uncomfortable bus ride home.

Raincoat Sizing for Kids

Stuck on what size raincoat to buy for your son or daughter? You’re not alone. With all brands sizing their clothes differently, it can be difficult to get the perfect size that will last at least a couple of seasons. Find a brand that has an online tool to help you find your child’s “true fit.” This typically just involves answering a few questions about what brands they normally wear and what size they wear in those brands. Just in case, an easy return policy also helps.

Don’t forget a new raincoat for yourself if you’re asked to chaperone at the last minute! The best rain coats are ones that are both fashionable and versatile. And since you won’t grow out of yours every couple of years as the kids do, you can rest assured yours will last until you find a reason to treat yourself to a new one. As long as you’re at it, you may as well get some new rain boots too. You deserve it!


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