Best Raincoat to Send Your Kid to School In

The Best Raincoats to Send Your Kid to School In

Nothing leads to a cold faster than a sopping wet kid after a rainy day on the playground. To avoid any seasonal sniffles and to ensure your kid is always protected from the wet rain, send them to school with a girls’ or boys’ raincoat. They can easily throw one on over their clothes or uniform for instant coverage. In a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses, raincoats are a versatile option designed with a polyester outer shell to keep moisture and rain out.

Worried that your kid won’t hop on the raincoat bandwagon? Steer them in the right direction by choosing the brightest and most fun patterns and colors designed to stand out and make the ultimate bold fashion statement. They’ll be hoping for rain with fingers crossed when they see the best raincoats for kids on our list.

Here is our guide to choosing the best raincoats and rain boots for kids, in any climate and in any style.

The Best Raincoats for Kids

Most raincoats are thin, with a lightweight mesh inner layer that doesn’t add too much warmth but shields against wind and rain. Made entirely of polyester, kids’ raincoats are breathable and windproof with a seam-sealed ripstop preventing any unwanted moisture from sneaking in. What makes these raincoats truly kid-friendly, though, are the fun colors and patterns that are designed specifically with kids in mind. From classic bright yellow to camo and checkered patterns, there are a variety of different designs and styles to choose from, all of which have the same waterproof capabilities. The lightweight fabric of kids’ rain jackets allows them to easily be packed away into their own special pouch that kids can easily stow away in their backpack or tote bag for ease of access.

These kids’ coats are often loose fitting and perfect for going over outfits, as they are very uncomplicated and slip right on with few zippers and other fasteners.

The Best Waterproof Winter Coats for Kids

If you’re looking for something a bit more durable that can withstand drastic temperatures or weather elements like snow or subzero temperatures, you should consider a waterproof kids’ winter coat. Designed with the same outer polyester shell as a raincoat, waterproof winter coats are made for colder weather with more resilient insulation and lining made from fabrics like fleece or flannel. Unlike a raincoat or rain jacket, winter coats may be longer and include things like thumb holes to shield little hands from the icy cold, or a more structured fit to lock the warmth in. Like a raincoat, most of these jackets also come with a hood to shield from the cold and come in a variety of kid-friendly prints and colors to stand out on the playground. To be truly waterproof, avoid anything like faux fur or Sherpa exterior lining, as these types of materials take longer to dry and can become cold if they get wet.

The Best Rain Boots to Pair with Your Kids’ Raincoat

When it comes to dressing your kids for rainy days, nothing goes quite as nicely with a traditional kids’ raincoat as an iconic pair of rain boots. Is there really anything cuter than a kid jumping in puddles in their favorite pair of rubber boots? Add a pair of fun high rubber rain boots in a bright color or pattern to your kids’ raincoat for an outside day of playing in the rain. You can mix and match when it comes to dressing up for a rainy day, so have fun with all the different styles and options for waterproof footwear. Up your comfort game by adding a thick pair of socks inside your kids’ rain boots for added warmth and protection. This can be extra helpful too, as the rubber of the rain boots can be extra hard and uncomfortable without socks. If you’re in a colder climate, consider a kids’ winter boot that is more insulated with the same exterior rubber or polyester shell that locks out water or any moisture from rain, snow, or sleet. Look for a higher boot that is easy to slide on and off, or for a more secure fit, find one with zippers or easy closures for quick action.

The best raincoats for kids are easy to put on and require very little fastening. Simply slip them over your kid’s head and they can be out the door in no time. With these tips and tricks, you can rest easy knowing your kid is dressed in style, even when they’re out jumping in puddles!


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