Best Rain Jackets to
Wear All Day Long

When it comes to the elements, you can’t always rely on the weatherman for clear or accurate predictions. You can, however, be prepared for whatever the universe throws at you, whether it be snowstorms or rain showers. Between work, errands, and life’s never-ending to-do list, sometimes the weather can throw a real wrench into your plans.

Never miss a beat with the best outerwear, including women’s rain jackets designed to stand up against everything from light drizzles to torrential downpours and snowstorms.

Here’s a list of the best raincoats to keep you dry through the rainy season and beyond.

Best Raincoats for Cold Weather

When it’s below freezing, rain is an added element that will leave you shivering if you’re unprepared. Whether you are on your morning commute or running in and out of shops completing errands, a good raincoat that can withstand both the downpour and freezing temperatures is a blessing. When shopping for a raincoat for cold and wet weather, look for a longer insulated coat with an outer shell that is water-resistant. A nylon shell is the best material for repelling water and snow; its thick texture will keep you warm and shield you against rain, snow, and sleet.

For added warmth, women’s raincoats with a fleece lining create a soft and cozy layer that will leave you feeling comfortable even in the dreariest weather. Adjustable hoods and visors also make these coats excellent for withstanding extreme weather, as they protect the head, ears, and neck from any drafts and wetness.

Women’s raincoats come in a variety of colors and designs, meaning that you can always keep your spirits high when out and about. Cuts vary from sleek silhouettes with a drawstring waistline to long and full winter coats guaranteed to lock in warmth and keep any moisture out.

Best Raincoats for Moderate Temperatures

If you’re not facing sub-zero temperatures and instead need protection against chilly weather and occasional storms, opt for a lightweight women’s rain jacket that can be worn with long-sleeve layers and women’s sweaters. While you won’t need the extra thick and warm insulation of other women’s raincoats, you can opt for a longer jacket that falls to mid-thigh to protect against any splashes. Lightweight women’s raincoats protect against the elements but are sleeker with belted waists that cinch the torso and create a classic look similar to a trench coat. With the same hardy nylon shell, these coats act as a waterproof shell, allowing you to wear whatever layers you choose underneath with peace of mind that you’ll stay dry.

Best Raincoats for Summer Showers

Have you ever been out and about in the summer heat when suddenly, almost out of nowhere, gray skies set in and showers are soaking your day? For moments like this when you are faced with the unexpected, look no further than ultra-lightweight women’s rain jackets. Unlike other raincoats that are full length or long, lightweight rain jackets can be a shorter and more tailored barrier between you and the rain. Chances are that if you’re not in need of extra layers for warmth, you’ll love the light nylon shell of these rain jackets and how easy they are to wear on your daily commute. Simply add an umbrella and rainboots for an easy-going look that says your day won’t be spoiled by a summer shower.

Rain Accessories to Add to Your Raincoat

When facing the rain, look for raincoats and rain jackets that come equipped with a hood to shield your head and neck from any downpours. While you may tote along an umbrella for rainy days, a hood is a nice and easy way to keep the chill and moisture out of your jacket or coat. Additionally, women's winter boots will keep your toes dry and warm. Look for waterproof outer shells and steer clear of materials like leather or suede that can be destroyed by water. For added warmth, pair your rain boots with thick socks to keep your toes cozy against colder weather. Additionally, consider adding waterproof gloves that also come with a nylon outer shell, meaning that your hands can stay warm even as they soak up any unwanted rain or moisture from snow or sleet.

No matter what Mother Nature brings during the winter or rainy season, you can always be prepared with a raincoat or rain jacket built to keep you warm and dry.