What Are the Best Products for a Guest Room vs Master Bedroom?

What Are the Best Products for a Guest Room vs Master Bedroom?

When deciding what to purchase for your guest bedroom versus your master bedroom, you want top-quality pieces that you can use year after year. A guest bedroom is set aside for a person invited to stay in a person’s home for a day or even weeks. However, sometimes family members may stay in guest bedrooms (such as retired parents or grandparents or children who may need to stay at home for an extended period). A master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom of the house occupied by the heads of the household. Because of the size difference and features of both the master and guest bedrooms, you may, of course, need different products.

Comfortable Bed and Mattress

Master bedrooms can usually fit a king-size or even California king-size bed. However, for smaller master bedrooms, a queen-size bed will do. As for guest bedrooms, a queen size bed is your best option; however, for smaller guest rooms, you may only be able to fit a full bed. Take into consideration that your guest bedroom may serve different needs when purchasing a mattress. For example, you may be setting up the guest bedroom for your retired parents. At the end of the day, you should put as much effort into purchasing a quality mattress for the guest bedroom as you’ll put into buying the master bedroom’s mattress since comfort for everyone should be your ultimate goal.

Cozy Sheets

Fluffy, cozy bedding is a must for any bedroom. There are key factors to consider when purchasing comfortable bed sheets for your master and guest bedrooms. First, make sure you have the right size for your bed (see the “Comfortable bed and Mattress” section above to determine to best bed size for your bedrooms). Then, figure out the thread count for whatever sheets you’re considering. A thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. People may assume that a higher thread count means better quality, but that is not necessarily the case; the best range for quality sheets based on thread count is actually 300-500. Since fiber and construction matter more than thread count, a thread count above 500 does not mean the bedding will be better.

Also, consider changing sheets based on the season. Pima and Egyptian cotton are excellent fabric choices for a good night’s sleep in the summer or for people who may get overheated fast at night. Sheets with a moisture-wicking finish can keep one cool, too. However, for colder seasons or locations, consider jersey or flannel sheets. To please most people (you never know whose skin may be easily irritated), look for lightweight, smooth, and breathable sheets. Lightweight organic cotton sheets that have not been treated with chemicals and dyes, silk bedding, and bamboo will not irritate the skin.

Seek out sheets that’ll elevate the room’s style. However, you’ll want to style according to the bedroom. If you’re styling the master bedroom, now’s the time to express yourself! This is your private room, so you’ll want to style it according to your personal taste. The right solid colors lend a zen-like or relaxing look (such as white or tan) or add a pop of color (think red or navy blue). If you love your patterns and prints, floral, nautical stripes, palm leaf, polka dots, plaid, and paisley are all pretty popular. As for the guest bedroom, try to keep the bedding simple and tasteful to allow your guests to feel as comfortable as possible. You’re more than likely unsure of what they would love, so neutral tones and subtle patterns will do. No matter what you choose, make sure to keep extra blankets and a comforter within easy access for guests who get cold easily.

Storage Space

Clutter can really hinder one’s ability to be comfortable and cozy. Therefore, additional storage (outside of a closet) is a must for both the guest and master bedrooms. Your guests will be very appreciative if provided a dresser that’ll allow them to avoid living out of their suitcase. Also, place a nightstand next to the guest bed so that guests can keep essentials close by, and make sure there’s a laundry hamper for their dirty clothes.

A master bedroom can hold much more additional storage. You’ll, of course, want nightstands and dressers. However, think of other stylish storage solutions to fit your bedroom’s style. Multi-purpose pieces—such as ottomans and tufted benches—can keep your space free of clutter while adding a stylish element.


Your home more than likely has an office or area dedicated to working. However, you or a member of your household probably use that space when working, so consider setting up a workspace in the guest bedroom consisting of a desk and a comfortable office chair. Your guests will appreciate this as it’ll give them the opportunity to focus on their work in a quiet space.

The ultimate goal of both the master and guest bedroom is to provide comfort. However, the right style can take that coziness to the next level. Look for décor and artwork to lend a bit more style to your bedrooms. You can ensure your guests are comfortable by providing fresh towel sets, toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, and snacks. As for your master bedroom, make it your sanctuary you’ll dying to return to after a long day.

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