The Best Plus-Sized Swimsuits for Women with Apple-Shaped Bodies

The Best Plus-Sized Swimsuits for Women with Apple-Shaped Bodies

If you’re an apple-shaped woman looking for the best plus-sized swimsuits, look no further! You have options from cute and casual to savvy and sophisticated. Let’s find something that will make you look and feel great.

Styles That Support

First, the support—you’ll want plus-size swimwear that hugs your curves, staying in place whether you are lounging, swimming, or surfing, and gives you support just where you want it. If you are busty, perhaps an underwire swimsuit would be a good option. You can also try bust-minimizing swimsuits if you prefer them. If you like a little extra support around the middle, you might want to consider a tummy-control swimsuit.

Whatever options you choose, start with your current measurements and give yourself a little time to try on different suits and decide on the right one. Try them on in good lighting in front of a full-length mirror. If you shop online, you can do this in the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to choose a retailer with a great return policy. If you prefer a brick-and-mortar store, choose a few candidates, pose in front of the mirror, do a 360-degree spin, and move around like you would when wearing your swimsuit in real life. There’s no rush. If you don’t find the right suit the first time out, give yourself a break and then try again later when swimsuit shopping sound like fun. You’ll know the best suit when you find it.

One-Stop One-Piece

The classic plus-size one-piece swimsuit is a great option for apple-shaped women. It will give you a sleek and smooth look while having a variety of styles to choose from depending on how the neckline and legs are cut, as well as the color or pattern you select. If you like the idea of emphasizing your legs while having a bit more coverage up top, consider a high-neck one-piece with slightly higher-cut legs. A square cut or round cut will give you moderate coverage on top. A V-neck is a classic look that can be daring (or not) depending upon the depth of the "V" and how it lines up on your frame. Tall women can often wear V-necks that look “shorter” because they hit higher on their chest.

Head-turning Tankinis

If you love the cool comfort of a two-piece and want plenty of options, consider a plus-size tankini for both style and comfort. First invented in the ‘90s, tankinis are especially flattering to apple-shaped figures, as they give you a variety of silhouette options as well as different types of tops and bottoms. If you like a looser silhouette, why not try a blouson tankini top? This will create a graceful line across your top and looks great with a bikini bottom. You can also wear any tankini top with swim shorts or a swim skirt if you prefer more coverage—or just love those looks.

Dreamy Swim Dresses

If you have never owned a plus-size swim dress, you are missing out. This one-piece wonder is a great option for apple shapes because its everyday ease and casual elegance will complement your curves while giving you a lovely silhouette. Swim dresses are also a nice choice if you prefer more modest swimwear or know you will be doing things like climbing in or out of pools, bending down to pick up little ones, or carrying tote bags to and from the beach. They also look great when you get a little time to yourself to enjoy a swim or put your feet up and lounge in the sun!

Carefree Cover-ups

When shopping for a great plus-size swimsuit, don’t forget to buy a great plus-size cover-up to go with it. An easy option is to get a dress-styled cover-up or a cute summer dress cut so you can easily pull it on and take it off in a jiff. It’s fun to coordinate your new swim cover-up with your new swimsuit so you will have a swim ensemble. This will also help you feel confident and put together if getting to and from the pool or the beach also involves errands or a fun lunch afterward. Think of a cover-up as a separate outfit that you can comfortably wear on top of your swimsuit.

If you haven’t bought a fashionable (and UV-protectant) pair of sunglasses in a while, it’s time! Take a little time, try on different shapes of lenses and colors of frames, and find something fabulous.

Finding the best plus-size swimsuits for apple shapes is a matter of treating yourself. Explore your options, think about what you love in a suit, and find something great!


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