Best Plus-Size Swimwear for Weekends at the Lake

Best Plus-Size Swimwear for Weekends at the Lake

Summer is all about getting out on the water. When you and the family head out to the lake on the weekends, it's not just about having fun. It's a family tradition. Whether you're swimming, boating, tubing, or hanging out on the pier or out of the water, nothing beats the summer days lakeside in the sun that become lifelong memories. On weekends at the lake with friends and family, you won't want to worry about what you're wearing. You'll soak up the sun in style in safe, comfortable swimwear no matter your size this season. You deserve to feel cute, comfortable, and stylish at the lake (or wherever you hit the beach!) this summer, so here are the best plus-size swimwear options for weekends at the lake.

For Maximum Coverage

Sometimes, the idea of putting a swimsuit on can be a lot. It's daunting, and you're not always sure how you'll look after a long year on land. If you're not super comfortable in your bathing suit, that's okay! A lot of us aren't, and even the best bathing suits take a minute to get used to. For maximum coverage, a plus-size one-piece swimsuit is the classic standard for maximum tummy cover. In fact, there are specific shopping sections for tummy control if that's what you're looking for! Tankinis also offer more coverage than other options, and cover-ups and rash guards are also great options for optimal coverage if you're feeling shy about your beachwear. Remember though, when you feel your best, you look your best, and being at the lake is about having fun! Find a suit that you feel good in, and have peace of mind in the coverage.

For Larger Busts

While there are a lot of cute and stylish one-pieces out there, there are many more options for women today. If you're not a swimmer and spend your time in the sand or on the dry land, you can work on your tan with a two-piece and shop to mix and match. Worried about chest support? Many swimsuit top options come in bra size swimwear for an accurate, supportive fit. You can also shop for underwire suits or one-pieces specifically designed to support large busts. With the right suit, you won't have to worry about the support you get when you're moving in the lake. If you're on the other end of the spectrum, you can shop for bust-enhancing swimsuits to fill out your body and feel your best. There are swimsuit options for every body type.

Slimming Suits

We know you love your body, but sometimes you need a little bit of help to get the level of coverage and silhouette that you want. In these cases, turn to slimming swimsuits to give yourself the extra boost of support that makes you look and feel good. You shouldn't have to feel nervous about how you're going to feel putting on a swimsuit, and a slimming suit can help you kill those worries and make you feel up to any lakeside challenge. There's no shame in getting a little push for help, so try a slimming swimsuit to get the added boost you desire to feel like the beach goddess you are.

Mix It Up With Swim Skirts

This summer, mix up your swimwear style with plus-size swim skirts, dress bathing suits, high-waisted bikini-bottom cuts, and other styles and silhouettes you wouldn't normally turn to. Plus-size should not have to automatically mean boring, and you are free to break beyond the classic one-piece shape you've known and worn since childhood. Have fun with it this summer! You can also accessorize with beach cover-ups and swim dresses. The key is comfort, so wear whatever feels the best for you. When you're comfortable in your clothes, you won't give them a second thought and can enjoy the lake day with your family and friends. In and out of the water, swim skirts are a cute style that'll have you feeling extra girly.

Add Swim Shorts

Sometimes, the idea of having your thighs exposed is scary. Adding swim shorts to your swim dress or bathing suit will give you that extra boost of support to feel comfortable in your suit. Lake days are about having fun and swimming with the family, so having the coverage that swim shorts offer will help you enjoy your day in style and comfort. Women's board shorts are also a great option for getting optimal coverage while still showing off your fun, casual style. Shorts are a great one-step option to take your coverage and support from a little to a lot just like that.

Whatever you're doing on weekends at the lake, have the swimsuit support you need and deserve. Shop for the best plus-size swimwear and have fun in the sun this summer.

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