The Best Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women with Short Legs

The Best Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women with Short Legs

Summer is the best time of the year - from long walks on the beach to boating to sunbathing, it's time for a new swimsuit. As you pick out your plus size swimwear, there are a few considerations that can balance out a shorter pair of legs.

For those of us with shorter body types and shorter legs, swimwear requires more planning to compliment your look best, but it's easier than you might think. Read on for hot tips and tricks on elongating the legs and body while complimenting your shape.

One of the goals with fitting swimwear to a plus-size body type with short legs will be evening out the proportions so that your legs don't appear short and instead proportionate to your body. Elongate the torso and legs with high-cut and high-waisted bathing suits, one-shoulder styles, and embellished tops. Here's why we stand by our advice.


A great way to elongate the torso and draw attention there is with plus size one piece swimsuits because one-pieces make the torso appear longer. With a single unit for the torso, you'll make it appear longer than a two-piece bikini would break it up. A one-piece with a ribbed side slit will add extra interest while elongating the leg.

Furthermore, with the extra material available with a one-piece instead of a two-piece, there is an opportunity for intricate designs and different embellishments like ruffles, ruching, and cutouts that can draw attention to the torso rather than the legs.

If you want the same coverage that a one-piece provides but without the limitations of a one-piece, try a plus size tankini, which is a great for providing midsection coverage without making it more difficult when you have to take the whole thing off to use the restroom.

High-Leg Cut

The place where the bottom edge of the swimsuit sits on your hip can make a big difference visually. A low-cut, which can sit as low as the top of the thigh, tends to shorten the figure, whereas a high-cut, which can go as high as above the hip bone, lengthens the body, making you look longer.

Of course, pick the swimsuit that best fits your coverage level. If you're more interested in modest swimwear, opt for a low-cut bottom that will provide more hip and thigh coverage. You must pick the suit that makes you feel the most comfortable; otherwise, you won't want to wear it.

High-Waisted Bottoms

It's all the rage this season to wear plus size high waisted bathing suits, and we recommend you get on the trend. Not only are high-waisted suits slimming and smoothing at the midsection while accentuating the waist, but they are also super comfy and supportive. High-waisted looks make pulling off the high-cut look easier because you still have good coverage while lengthening the legs. They're flattering on curvy women as they are elegant and classy while complementing your silhouette. Opt for a black high-waisted bottom if you're self-conscious of your midsection, as a black swimsuit tends to have a slimming, shrinking effect that compliments any body type.

Detailed Top with Plain Bottom

This season, embellishments like ruffles, cutouts, patterns, ruching, and ties are popular. Wear plus size bathing suit tops with embellishments and bottoms that are on the plain side. This mix-and-match will be a great way to draw attention from the legs to the bust. Details like ruching around the waist help smooth your belly and create a slender look.

Swim Skirt

As another way to compliment short legs, we recommend a cute high-waisted plus size swim skirt that will make the legs stand out and appear longer. The idea is that they will seem longer as the legs stick out the bottom of your bathing suit, accented by a bottom ruffle or skirt.

Verticle Prints

One-piece or tankini swimsuits with verticle prints are a great way to lengthen the body and draw the eyes up and down for the illusion of length throughout the body. Most verticle-striped looks will be complimentary, while a black and white verticle stripe adds more of a slimming effect with the coloring.


Suits with one shoulder are flattering for a petite build because they make you look taller and contribute to the elongating effect of the styles we've discussed. One-shoulder looks, whether for a one-piece or two-piece, provide an asymmetrical level of intrigue and depth that a two-strap suit does not have.

Bright Solid Colors

Patterns can tend to make you look shorter, while a bright, solid-colored bathing suit will accent your top while drawing attention away from your legs.

This year, enjoy the sunshine and surf instead of worrying about swimwear because we've got you covered with our insider tips on plus-size swimwear for short legs. With your new, well-fitting, flattering, and comfortable swimsuit, you'll feel festive and ready for fun at the beach this year.


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