The Best Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women With Large Hips

The Best Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women With Large Hips

Summer is the best time to enjoy nature, and all the fun life offers. There's nothing like a sunny day at the beach, looking out over the sparkling water as the waves crash on the shore. If you're into freshwater, you may be lounging by the lake and watching the kids wade into the water. Finding your new favorite plus-size swimwear has never been more effortless; we've got looks you'll love at prices that will make you smile.

You may wonder how best to compliment them in a bathing suit if blessed with large hips. When picking out swimsuits for the 2023 season, we have a few tricks we're excited to share with you.

Wrap and Cross-Front

Another way to draw attention away from the hips is to employ a cross-front bottom with a slight V-shape at the waist, providing a less boxy look than a straight-across waist. These bottoms taper in the middle to give you a tailored look that will provide an accent at just the right spot in your midsection. Anything that will synch you at the waist will be flattering.

Similarly, a wrap style plus size tankini top or one-piece evokes images of the prized wrap dress and provides the look of a smaller waist. Or, a belted bathing suit can produce a similar effect.

High-Cut Legs

Bathing suit bottoms that sit higher on the hips pull attention from the hips to the waist. This cut tends to elongate the figure by making the legs look longer.

You're in control of where the suit sits and can customize the suit however you'd like. It's even better to find a high-cut with tie sides to adjust the thigh cut for whatever length you want. Plus, the ties on the hips are a cute look that will provide details you love.

High-Waist Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are our favorite for many reasons. They are comfortable and flattering, accenting the natural waist, highlighting your figure, and drawing the eye away from your hips. High-waisted bikinis make your legs look longer, drawing attention to them.

Plus size high-waisted bathing suits are a great way to go when you feel like throwing on a retro vibe while flattering your figure, smoothing your midsection, and looking super cute.

High waists offer more coverage than a bikini two-piece without going as far into the section of modest swimwear as a one-piece swimsuit. Sometimes one-pieces are inconvenient, and the cons are that you want to avoid dealing with one when you use the restroom.

Top Detailing

When balancing your silhouette, you'll want to add detailing and interest to the top section of your bathing suit while minimizing detailing at the hips. The mix-and-match two-piece swimsuit is a great way to go when you have a perfect bottom from one suit and the perfect top from another. We recommend a top with lots of detailing and accent, such as ruffles, ruching, a print, or cutouts to emphasize your top half. Opt for a solid dark color for your bottoms that will not draw attention to your larger hips.

A deep neck is an excellent look if you have wide hips because it draws attention to the elegant shoulders and chest. They provide more balance to the figure by offering more detailing at the chest.

To blend your torso into your hips, opt for a dark-colored or black swimsuit and balance your hips with the rest of your body. Light colors tend to accentuate and show everything.


Plus size one-piece swimsuits serve many different purposes; for one, one-pieces blend your torso in with your hips by providing one solid block of material.


Regarding plus-size swimwear, you can always go right with stretch fabric that will move with you. The material you choose will greatly affect your all-day comfort at the beach. Find a swimsuit that provides a good amount of stretch while still providing a cohesive look that's figure-affirming.

Asymmetrical one-pieces are a great way to go because the single strap is elegant and flattering, drawing attention to the chest. It makes for a stunning silhouette that will contribute to your confidence.

Swim Skirts and Coverups

A plus-size swim skirt is a great way to go if you're looking for more coverage at the hips. The extra material will help you feel more confident and provide the perfect complimentary line along your sides.

When walking on and off the beach, having a plus-size swimdress to put on is a great way to have an extra layer of comfort.

The best part of spending the day at the beach, lake, or pool is losing yourself in the joy of the summer, basking in the sunshine, and cooling off in the water. Feel confident in your plus-size swimwear, whether with family or friends or getting some well-deserved alone time by the water.


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