Best Plus-size Swimsuits for Women with Athletic Builds

Best Plus-size Swimsuits for Women with Athletic Builds

Finding the perfect swimsuit is no simple task for anybody. Things can become incredibly complicated for plus-size women and athletes. And what about plus-size women with athletic bodies? Well, today you’re in luck because we have done the work for you and have found the best plus-size swimsuits for women with athletic builds.

Whether you’re looking for a cute and comfy swimsuit for a tropical beach vacation, or you need the best high-performance pieces for swimming or water sports, we can help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body.

Fit and Flattering Two-piece Swimsuits

A look that is both timeless and trendy, both practical and incredibly fashionable, is the vintage-inspired 1950s-style high-waisted two-piece bikini. This style of bikini is a fantastic choice for a plus-size woman. Choosing a tummy control swimsuit bottoms can offer slimming effects while also enhancing your natural fabulous curves. Many of these vintage-inspired high-waisted bikini bottoms will also have embellishments such as ruffles or ruching for additional slimming effects.

The most popular top to pair with this type of bikini bottom is a cute, 1950s-inspired heart-shaped halter bikini top. These tops are very trendy and cute, but they are typically very low-cut, with underwire, and may not offer much support. Athletic-bodied women also tend to have broader shoulders, which a halter top can visually enhance. To help mitigate and minimize this effect, you can opt for an asymmetrical bikini top, or a more supportive top with cross-back ties.

Tackling Tummy-Control

Tummy control can be a swimsuit concern for almost every type, even those with athletic builds. Luckily, tummy-control swimwear is extremely popular and a very practical solution. This style of solution-based swimwear is designed to provide the wearer with an ultimate slimming and elongating look while also being incredibly comfortable and wearable.

These slimming swimsuits are made with strategically overlapping cross-torso layers of mesh, spandex and Lycra to create an incredibly figure-flattering look that offers top-tier support while feeling like a comforting embrace. These suits are also made to stay put, so you can feel free to swim laps and catch waves in confidence knowing that you look great and your suit isn’t going to budge.

The Best Swimsuits For Large Busts

For those plus-size ladies with larger busts, support is the most important factor to consider when looking into swimwear, especially if you plan on being active in your swimwear. Many swimsuits contain shelf bras, but you can also consider wearing a sports bra or swim bra underneath for extra support. The best swimsuit tops for you will likely be those with a racerback or other cross-back tie or strap. This style can help you keep everything in place while reducing neck and back pain later.

If it’s a simple, one-piece solution you are looking for, consider a women’s underwire one-piece swimsuits. These styles tend to be an ideal one-and-done solution for bustier gals.

Swimwear with Solutions

Often, even those who are plus-size or have bigger builds can want bust enhancement in their swimsuit solutions. Mastectomy swimwear and bust-enhancing bikini tops can offer extra enhancement, support, and padding you need to feel comfortable in your swimsuit body. Featuring separate pockets for swim bra padding, these swimsuits can be customized to fit your unique swimwear needs.

Not just for those who have had mastectomies, mastectomy swimwear can also be incredibly useful for our sisters in the trans community and beyond. The option to customize additional padding means that anyone who desires a little extra comfortable and natural-looking enhancement can use these features. Most feature individual, separate pockets so those with uneven breasts also have the option to use them to create a more full and even look.

Cover-Ups and Rash Guards

In addition to the swimwear itself, you can wear additional layers for enhanced comfort, style, slimming effects, or all three! Especially for those active and athletic plus-size ladies, a rash guard can be a fantastic solution. Rash guards not only protect your torso from board rash while surfing on paddle boarding, but they also are great for additional full-coverage sun protection and for simply additional coverage. Rash guards are the best option for those who are active in the water or simply want to ensure they are getting optimal sun protection.

For those looking for a more easy-breezy cover-up that won’t necessarily go in the water, we recommend a maxi dress, sarong, or linen tunic. Opt for lightweight breezy materials to help keep you cool.

The best swimwear solution is simply wearing what looks and feels best.


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