The Best Cute and Lightweight Plus-Size Rain Jackets for Women

The Best Cute and Lightweight Plus-Size Rain Jackets for Women

What is the perfect raincoat anyway? At the risk of sounding facetious, it's any coat that will effectively protect you from the rain. However, these coats are so much more. Raincoats are one of the few timeless outerwear articles of clothing that make a statement. Even someone who doesn't have an inkling about fashion will instantly effuse style when they own a raincoat.

So how do you find the best plus size rain jacket? Here, we have provided you with some examples of what the perfect raincoat could be for you. It all comes down to making sure it fits certain criteria, and after that, the choice is yours.

So what might the criteria be?

It Suits Your Style

When it comes to keeping you dry in the rain, we admit that style may not be as important as functionality. However, we all know that style is a close second. Don't settle for a plus size lightweight rain jacket that you know doesn't fit your style preferences—you won’t want to wear something that doesn’t feel like you. Raincoats, like parkas, long down coats, and plus-size down vests, come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and colors, so there is truly an option for everyone. Want a bright yellow rain jacket to add some color to the rainy day? That can easily be found. Want a neutral black rain jacket that can be worn on non-rainy days, too? That can easily be found, too. There are rain jackets in short lengths, long lengths, and mid-lengths. In other words, there is definitely a rain jacket that you’ll be excited to put on. Explore all your jacket options instead of going for the first thing you see.

It's Waterproof

You might be surprised by the number of so-called "raincoats" out there that don't actually do a sufficient job of keeping the rain off your clothes. Fewer things are as annoying as getting soaked from the rain and being left cold and wet at the end of a long day. Always double-check that the plus-size lightweight rain jacket you have your eye on is a bona fide waterproof coat made of durable material. If the price of a raincoat seems suspiciously cheap, you will want to confirm that it's waterproof before buying it.

On that same note, you’ll want to make sure the hood is big enough to keep your hair and face protected from any downpours. When trying on a rain jacket, put up the hood to make sure it covers your hair and the top part of your head. And while the hood should be big enough to protect, it should also fit snug so it doesn’t get blown down by any gusts of wind. A sturdy hood is an important way to stay dry when wearing the best plus size waterproof jacket for you.

It Has the Features You Need

After getting that detail of protection from the rain out of the way, every woman is going to have different needs when it comes to raincoat features. Some may only care about its color while others want a specific feature like interior and exterior pockets. A hooded raincoat may be a non-negotiable for one woman while that feature might not be a priority for another. Ask yourself what your raincoat needs are before beginning the shopping process.

There are many features that are sure to keep you impressed with your rain jacket—you can look for interior or exterior pocket options, make a decision between a zip-up or button-up style, get a packable rain jacket that you can easily throw in your women’s weekender bag, pick out a rain jacket with reflective accents if you plan on going on evening walks, or get a rain jacket that has an insulating layer to keep you warm, too. There are many rain jackets out there with thoughtful features that will make sure this jacket remains a go-to for seasons to come.

You Can Choose Your Style

There comes a time in a woman's life where she isn't buying a coat; she's investing in one. Sure, maybe you've bought plenty of raincoats in the past, but now you've reached a point where you want to invest in a coat that meets all of your standards for style, color, features, and price range.

To fully ensure you are investing in the right raincoat this fall, you'll need to first be aware of the various style options on the market. Are you interested in a high-utility 3-in-1 raincoat designed with durability in mind or are you more interested in a classic, button-up trench coat in black or beige? Do you prefer a squall parka that doubles as a plus-size winter coat and comes in a bright color like blue or magenta, or do you want something heavy-duty like a long stadium coat that covers you from your neck to your knees? Take your time when browsing your options. Remember, you are investing in a coat you plan to wear for years. Don't settle for something "good enough"–get something that's exactly right for you. There is a cute plus-size rain jacket out there with your name on it!

You've Tried It On First

The only way to really know if a raincoat is perfect for you is to try it on. It may check all the boxes and seem perfect in theory, but you will never really know until you see and feel it on you. Even if you are online shopping for a raincoat, don't rely on the measurements provided on the website alone, you want to know how this raincoat fits your shape.

So, if you find that a raincoat you purchased online doesn't fit, you can return it and swap it for another size or an entirely different style. Most online retailers offer refunds or store credits for returns. On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a bit of conventional in-person shopping at a local store, where you can try on the raincoats and buy the right one for you. While you’re out, you can find yourself a pair of perfect rain boots, too.


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