Best Plus-Size Professional Clothing for a Virtual Meeting

Best Plus-Size Professional Clothing for a Virtual Meeting

"What is the best plus-size clothing to wear for a virtual meeting?" We've gotten this question often since many people in the U.S. began working from home. Well, wonder no more; we're sharing our suggestions on what plus-size pieces work best for your next video conference call as a professional. But before we dive in, let's go over some nonnegotiable look rules.

We get it; it can feel like a struggle to fathom wearing anything besides a comfy tee and lounge pants these days, but the beauty of video conferences is that you only need to look professional on the top. Theoretically, however, anything can happen, so make sure you always have clothes on the bottom half too.

We've created a list of professional, video conference-friendly garments you can wear year-round.


You can't go wrong with women's plus size shirts or blouses. Full or cap-sleeve blouses help reduce the focus on your body and bring attention to where it matters most: your lovely face. Be sure to select a blouse that doesn't have a plunging neckline.


Oh yes, plus-sized cardigans scream "Hello, team!" These are a great choice because you have so many styles to choose from, like crew necks, V-necks, open ones, and more. Plus, they are a layering essential for most wardrobes. You can easily pair one with a fun blouse or button-down shirt and finish it off with a pair of slacks, a simple skirt, or even leggings if the mood strikes.

Pullover Sweaters

Maybe cardigans aren’t on your list of must-haves. What about pullover sweaters? Crew neck and V-neck pullover sweaters are a great go-to for your arsenal of video conferencing attire. Crew necks are super layer-friendly. You can add a crisp button-down shirt and a modest necklace to complete the look.

Tunic Sweaters

We love tunic sweaters for plus-size women. Tunics have the keen ability to reflect both business attire and comfort at the same time. Plus, these beauties are perfect for all body shapes, with their long silhouettes and loose fits. These pair well with leggings, slacks, long skirts, or jeans.


Another function-meets-fashion staple is plus-size turtlenecks. Yes, my friends, the classic turtleneck. It doesn't matter what you're wearing, their precise, sleek style instantly elevates your look. They are easy to layer and pair well with a fun skirt or high-waisted jeans. We know your whole outfit won't be on camera, but that shouldn't stop you from going all out with style.


You can never go wrong with a blazer. If you ever wanted to give a basic blouse or button-down an upgrade, consider adding a blazer. You can opt to go with a classic black, navy, or gray blazer. Add a simple blouse or sweater to enhance the look. For an added effect, you can cinch the waist by wrapping one side of the blazer over the other and securing it with a belt.


I know what you're thinking. Why would you want to wear a plus-sized dress to sit in your home office for a meeting, right? Our question is, why not? Go ahead and arrive at your meeting wearing a flattering, solid color sheath dress with a contrasting cardigan if you'd like. Be sure to stay away from loud colors, as they might be too distracting for the meeting. Colors like navy, black, or gray with signature accessories deliver just the right touch of professionalism and style.

Dress Up Your Bottoms

For bottoms, you have some more options. You can complete the outfit with matching plus-size jeggings, work pants, or other comfortable slacks that are acceptable if they are out of view.

Pull It All Together

Now that you have some video conferencing options, it’s time to show up and show off at your next meeting. If you’re unsure where to start, our selection of cute blouses, fun cardigans, professional button-downs, and flattering dresses can help. Now, go kill it at your next meeting!


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