Best Plus Size PJs for Camping

Best Plus Size PJs for Camping

Getting away from it all on a campground is a relaxing and enjoyable experience when all your creature comforts are with you. Whether you treasure comfortable nights of sleep with some deluxe linen sheet sets or enjoy long conversations around a state-of-the-art fire pit, the right gear makes camping the best experience possible.

This is why having the best plus size women’s pajamas can make your camping sleep sessions the coziest they can be. But which ones are the best for those nights in the great outdoors? Check out these best plus-size PJs that are perfect for camping.

Spring and Fall Camping: Fleece Pajamas

Spring and fall camping have their unique charm. You don’t need to beat the heat as you would in the summer, and you can organize some fun mild-weather activities like fishing. You can also make cozy stews on your gas grill and tell stories around the campfire at night. Though the days of spring and autumn are pleasant, the temperatures can dip greatly when the sun goes down. This requires some intentional preparation to make your sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible.

This is why plus-size fleece pajamas are necessary to stay warm when you camp outside in the fall. You should also invest in a sleeping bag that is designed to stay insulated during colder nights. If you have trouble finding one that suits your needs, your local outdoor store can help you find the right sleeping bag that will keep you warm at night. Most sleeping bags are labeled with the temperature range that they are suited for.

When you select pajamas, don't forget about the crisp, chilly fall mornings. When you leave the warmth of your sleeping bag, you don’t need to shiver when you put on one of your toasty flannel robes to keep the chills away until the sun rises. This small add-on makes all the difference. Get robes for your whole group, so breakfast and wind-down time in the evening are both pleasant.

Summer Camping: Keep It Cool in Cotton & Activewear

Sleeping in a tent in the summer can be a comfortable experience when you bring the right gear and wear pajamas made from cool materials like cotton and linen. This isn’t the time for fleece pajamas or down comforters. Instead, you need to use a tent with full ventilation and use bedding and pajamas that won’t make you feel hot.

You can easily stay comfortable in cotton nightgowns and pajama sets that are made to breathe and not lock in sweat. If you’re living in a particularly hot part of the country, you can even wear a moisture-wicking activewear top and some athletic shorts. These pieces can be worn in the daytime as well to keep you well-ventilated and stylish. Since activewear is also comfortable enough to be worn anytime, they make surprisingly good camping sleepwear!

Pajama Pants: All Day Comfort

When you go camping, it's important to make the most out of all your outfits. This is why you should get clothing that you can wear for more than just sleeping. When you wear a useful separate like pajama pants, it's possible to wear them with other tops during the day as well. When you get pajama pants in basic colors like black or grey, you can easily match them with t-shirts and sweatshirts for a comfortable camping outfit.

These pajama separates can also be used in a variety of situations, such as on a work-from-home day or when you want to keep it casual while running errands. There's no wrong way to wear them, so they make the perfect separate for a slightly chilly camping morning or a cozy evening by the fire pit.

Matching Sets

If you need a mood booster, try a set of matching plus-size PJs. No matter the season, you can find a set that will look great on you and keep you comfortable. For instance, a set of button-up flannel PJs for the fall and winter will lock all the heat you need to stay toasty. A t-shirt and shorts PJ set for the summer will keep you cool as you have some downtime on your campsite. This is your chance to express yourself and get the patterns and colors that you love. Whether you love polka dots or your favorite color is red, pajama styles don't have any rules.

When you get the best plus-size PJs for your camping trip, then you don't need to worry about feeling comfortable when you enjoy the great outdoors.

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