Best Plus-Size Women’s Loungewear

Best Plus-Size Women’s Loungewear

Nothing beats the feeling of truly lounging. We’re talking TV marathon, bowl of popcorn within reach, ignoring your phone for the day, and becoming best buds with your couch type of lounging. For many of us, these days are as special as they are rare, which is why it’s so important to have loungewear that makes us feel our best in terms of both comfort and style to really commemorate these oh-so-cozy days.

When it comes to picking out the right plus-size loungewear, there are so many cute and comfy options to choose from that we’re confident you’ll want to start rocking these looks far beyond your couch haven days. The good news about loungewear is that if you opt for flattering, versatile, and trendy pieces, you can absolutely make these outfits work just as well for the lazy weekend days to the busy weekday of errand running or coffee with friends days.

Read on for the best plus-size women’s loungewear options you’ll want to live in, no matter what the day brings.

Ankle-Length Sweats

Cute pants or comfy sweats? The answer is both with a pair of ankle-length hemmed plus-size sweatpants. With a neat straight hem, subtle pockets, and prints like black and red checker, a pair of these ankle-length plus-size sweats is essential to building out your loungewear rotation. While it can be easy to always throw on that one pair of trusty sweats, these beauties will inspire you to rethink the sweatpants game altogether (no judgment against your go-to trusty sweats, of course!). These pants rank high on our best plus-size loungewear list because they’re as flattering and versatile as they are comfy, so you can slip these on to feel extra cute for your TV marathon day, or pair them with sneakers, a classic tee, and a denim jacket for a perfect casual lunch out.

Pull-on Shorts

There’s no rule that says comfy clothing and lounging are just for chilly days, which is why plus-size comfy shorts definitely deserve a place on our list. Pull-on knit shorts have a roomy, relaxed fit that is absolutely perfect for lounging or for warmer-weather errand runs. These feel just as cozy as sleep shorts thanks to their elastic waist and knit cotton material, but they can also be effortlessly dressed up with a sleeveless tunic and strappy sandals.

Just like the ankle-length joggers, these feel like cheating, since they’re cute and trendy while also being queen-of-the-couch approved. These shorts are perfect for warmer seasons or for when you like to burrow under the blankets with the space heater on in winter without getting too hot, so you’ll get great use out of these all year long. Opt for a fun pattern like black dotted floral for a loungewear look that’s as cute and it is comfy.

Open-Front Cardigan

When it comes to comfy plus-size clothes, a soft jersey cotton drape-front cardigan is a must-have. At first glance, a drape-front cardigan might seem too dressy to fall under the loungewear category, but that’s the very reason it makes this list. This cardigan is so soft, it’ll feel like you’re lounging in a cloud, and yet with its graceful drape-front style, it can also easily work its way into the other looks you have in rotation.

For an at-home loungewear piece, simply keep it draped over the couch if you need to add a layer over a relaxed tee or PJ top. And if you’re looking to wear it out, pair it with your favorite jeans, chinos, or leggings and literally any top—this flowy cardigan works great over tunics, turtlenecks, short- or long-sleeved tees, and the list goes on. If the drape-front style isn’t your thing, opt for any comfy open-front cardigan to be your new favorite loungewear layer.

Upgraded Sleepwear

We’ll end our list of best plus-size women’s loungewear on the loungiest category of all—pajamas. Unlike your ankle-length hemmed sweats, your floral pull-on shorts, or your drape-front cardigan, PJs can’t necessarily be worked into your everyday wardrobe (unless that’s your thing, in which case, we fully support you!). That said, having sleepwear that’s cute, flattering, and fits like a glove is key when it comes to reaching your peak lounging potential.

If you’re looking to upgrade your PJs, opt for a pair of plus-size flannel pajamas in a cute pattern like mini checkers. This truly classic pajama combo, with a button-up top and bottoms with a drawstring and elastic waist, will have you feeling your absolute comfiest. This look is best for the truest of true lounge days when all that’s on the agenda is cozying up with a book, kicking off a movie marathon, or relaxing by the fire on a chilly night. No matter what your night in brings, you’ll be enjoying it in a cute and classic style.

We hope this list inspires you to take some time out to relax and put your comfort first as you check things off your day’s to-do list! With these lovely loungewear pieces, you’ll look amazing whether you’re hanging at home or out and about.


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