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Best Plus Size Dress Styles for a Spring Wedding for Guests

Being invited to a wedding means you played a big role in the bride or groom’s life. It’s only fitting that you dress in a way that respects the event and the couple. However, finding out what to wear can sometimes be a dilemma. Each wedding has a different feel and level of formality based on a variety of factors. This can make it difficult to decide on the perfect plus size dresses that will help you blend in but still look great. This quick guide will help you decide what styles can suit your upcoming spring wedding.

Anticipate the Environment

Before you start shopping, first consider what other guests will be wearing. For every wedding, the main focus should be to anticipate the wedding’s “mood” based on the season, venue, and personality of the bride and groom. If you’ve been invited to a black-tie event at an upscale hotel in the big city, then you can be sure to leave your semi-casual cotton slacks at home. But if your friends are getting married in their backyard and are known to be laid-back people, you can be more casual and fit right in with a simple cotton halter dress.

After you have decided how formal you need to go, you can start the process of finding a suitable dress. Spring heralds the return of pastel colors, floral prints, and lighter fabrics like cotton, silk, and smooth wool blends. As new styles emerge to break from the usual wintry earthen tones, you will be delighted in what you see as you shop online.

Spring Weather Means Cute Cardigans

If you know anything about spring weather, it can be cold one week and then hot the next. This can make selecting a spring wedding guest dress even trickier. However, by preparing yourself for fluctuations in weather, you can make strategic wardrobe decisions that will keep you the most comfortable during the event. After you pick a dress, formulate two variations of the outfit based on chilly or warm weather. For example, have a set of tights, closed-toe shoes, and plus size cardigan sweaters on standby for colder weather. If the weather suddenly turns into a perfect 72-degree day, then you can skip the tights and bring just a thin cotton cardigan just in case you need some extra coverage.

Look Incredible in a Ruched Dress

Modest dresses like a ruched dress offer a delicate style that is highly suitable for a spring wedding. Ruching creates visually appealing lines across the stomach to define the waist. Whether you choose patterned fabric or solid colors, this fabric feature makes a shape that is flattering on many body types. For example, ruched dresses can create a fuller effect on the bust for individuals who need extra shaping support or want to draw attention to the waist.

The best fabrics for ruched dresses are cotton blends, rayon, and silk because they are soft and stretchy. While ruched dresses come in a variety of skirt styles, many women find a fit-and-flare and sheath to be one of the most comfortable cuts. If your ruched dress has knotted fabric in the front, wearing a belt won’t work, but many styles are tailored in a way to accommodate belts and accessories. For a cold-weather spring wedding, try tucking in a long-sleeve cardigan into a belt over a ruched dress.

Look Seasonably Savvy in a Maxi Dress

For spring weddings, plus size maxi dresses offer peace of mind, especially when it comes to concerns about temperature fluctuations. These floor-length fashion gems hug your curves in a modest yet flirty way, and the long hem keeps you warm even when the venue blasts the air conditioner in mid-April. To be seasonably comfortable, take a vintage shawl, fashion scarf, or cardigan with you. This can offer different levels of coverage as you move from the ceremony to the reception.

Maxi dresses by nature have a dressier look than other spring dresses. Because they reach down to the floor, you can easily dress them up with accessories to suit a formal wedding event — especially if you choose a solid-colored dress. This is why you can never go wrong with having a solid black maxi dress in your spring wardrobe at all times. It’s an item that can be customized in so many ways, so it is an excellent piece for a casual party or a formal evening wedding.

By considering the nature of the occasion, you can find the perfect plus size dress to wear to that upcoming spring wedding.


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